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Wednesday 6th May


Focus: long oo

Activity: have a game of splat! Lay out words containing the long oo sound. Your child could use something such as a wooden spoon as their ‘splatter’. Call out a word, they have to splat the word you have said. Ask them to read it back to you and tell you what the word means. You could swap roles when you play again. Children enjoy being the teacher!

Moon, soon, spoon,

I have attached a ‘read and roll’ game for both the long oo and short oo.


Recap on the words of the week. Try to write them as well as read them today. Play a game of snap with the words of the week.

Carry on with Mavis the magical cat, follow the link below.


Starter: counting on up to 10 worksheet, linked below.

Main: activity linked below.