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Wednesday 6th May



Sound of the day is ‘o’.

Watch the o video on Espresso or Alphablocks on cbeebies.

Practise writing o. Ask your child if they notice anything about this letter. (Same shape as a circle).

Have a range of objects in front of you- make sure some start with the sound o. Talk about each object, identifying the initial sound of each object together. For example, this is an octopus, what sound can you hear at the start? What is this object? Child responds with apple. What sound does apple start with?

Hearing initial sounds is important when learning to blend words.




Today the focus is number 2!

-What does number 2 look like

-Practise writing number 2.

-Write number two as a word

-Explain when there is a pair there is 2. 2 socks makes a pair for example.

-Go on a number 2 hunt around your house.

-Have bowls with different amounts of objects in- can your child find the bowl that has 2 in?

-learn the rhyme to support forming the number 2. ‘Half a heart says I love you, add a line. Now I’ve made the number two’.