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Wednesday 20th May



Oral blending and segmenting

Emma the Explorer has a list of things she needs to take on her next adventure but she can’t read it! Can you help Emma work out what she needs to pack in her bag? Sound out the words below and blend the sounds together to find out what she needs to take. You could draw pictures to help Emma know what she needs to take. M-a-p, c-u-p, h-a-t, p-e-n.




Jack and the beanstalk:

Create story stones or puppets to retell the story. Can you remember what happened at the beginning, middle and end? Maybe your family could do a puppet show with you!





Play ‘Where is teddy?’ How to play: One person puts the teddy somewhere and the other person finds it and describes where he was using positional language. For example, Teddy was under the table.

Positional language words you should use: under, on top of, next to, beside, behind, in front of, between, inside, on & beneath.