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Thursday 7th May



Sound of the day is ‘c’.

Watch the c video on espresso or Alphablocks on cbeebies.

Go on a hunt around the house for things beginning with c.

Play an interactive game on Phonics Play or espresso.

Read words together;  cat, cot, can, cap, cod.




Sing nursery rhymes with numbers in- five little ducks, ten green bottles, five little speckled frogs, five little monkeys. You can find videos for these on youtube.  

Today is all about the number 3!

-Learn the rhyme to support number formation ‘around the tree, around the tree, now I’ve made the number 3!'

-Practise writing 3

-Write number three as a word

-Go on a hunt for 3 of different objects.

-Watch the Number blocks number 3 episode on BBC iplayer

-If you have a dice, look at what 1,2 and 3 looks like.