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Thursday 21st May



Oral blending and segmenting

Play a listening game about a visit to a farm together. ‘I went to the farm and I saw…’ –instead of saying the animal name, split the word up into its 3 letter sounds. The other person has to identify the animal by blending the sounds together. For example: ‘I went to the farm and I saw a ‘c-a-t’- ‘It’s a cat!’ The for the words; cat, dog, pig cow, hen.




Write instructions about how to grow your own beanstalk. Remember we planted our own seeds when we were in school, can you remember what we had to do?




Maths scavenger hunt – Collect these things: 5 things that are soft, 2 things that are hard, 3 things that are yellow, 3 things that are light, 1 thing that is heavy (ask your parents to help you to pick it up!) and 1 thing that you think I would like. 

How many objects did you collect altogether? 

Challenge: Try to add the numbers that link to the questions below. Count both sets of the objects to work out how many you have altogether or you could use your fingers to help you. 

How many soft and hard things did you collect altogether? 

How many light and heavy things did you collect altogether?