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Thursday 16th July



Please continue with the Letters and Sounds videos. 




Spot the sounds - When your adult reads out the words below see how many sounds you can hear in each word. Remember that the number of letters in a word is not always the same as the number of sounds as some sounds have two (digraphs) or three (trigraphs) letters that make the sound. You could get your adult to write out the words and then you could try adding the sound buttons to each word.

zip, pack, shark, chip, thin, long, cow, seed, moon, soil, hair, night, curl, boxer, year




The next few days of Literacy home learning have summer as a focus. 


The weather is usually nice and hot in summer (fingers crossed!) Design a new outfit such as a summer dress or shorts and t-shirt. Label or caption the outfit to explain your decisions, for example, Dinosaurs because you love them! or a yellow and pink dress because they are your favourite colours.