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Science Beyond the Classroom


To enrich their learning on Plants, Owl Class had a zoom with an ecologist who worked with them to answer the question, "Why do we need trees?"

Owl Class had a question at the end of their unit about growing: Why is Rocky taller than Walter, when Walter is older than Rocky? We asked two scientists from the Wellcome Institute - Em Dixon and Alex Steemers - to answer this question for them. They did a brilliant job, not only of answering the question, but also in telling the children about their work as scientists.  See below for some pictures of the zoom. 

Science and the Wider Community

Year 5 and 6 are working with an artist, Kate Munro, and three other schools to raise awareness of the challenges faced by farmers and scientists to maintain a balance between feeding an increasing population and maintaining biodiversity.  We have focused on the barberry carpet moth and the problems with wheat rust.  The children produced artwork which Kate Munro used to create a sculpture.  See below for the beautiful sculpture she created, using our artwork as her inspiration. Lots of the children were very excited to see their designs transformed into the finished product. The sculpture is currently on display in the orchard and the ambassadors are giving talks about it morning and afternoons to parents and staff.  We were extra excited to see that the place we chose to display it has wild wheat which you can see in some of the photos!  The project is also linked with the Dippy the Diplodocus tour to be hosted at Norwich Cathedral from the 13th July as it highlights the vulnerable of nature to extinction.

The finished sculpture on display in our orchard

Owen, Reggie and George wrote about the project

Artwork for the Sculpture

Science and the Wider Community: Dr Emily Fowler zoomed with Hedgehog Class to tell them more about Drosophila (which Year 5 and 6 are studying), and her work on the life cycle and behaviour of this important animal

Science and the Wider Community: Dr Will Nash zoomed with the whole school as part of British Science Week to answer the question: What is an insect?

Science and the Wider Community: Owl Class zoomed with Dr. Emily Fowler to find out what class of animal a platypus is

Science and the Wider Community: Dr Galloway zoomed in to answer Jemima's question - "Is a bubble a solid or a liquid?"