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Nature Quest

Moths and butterflies 

I have noticed lots and lots of moths and butterflies around today. Some of them I have never seen before. I had to ask an expert group for their identification. Have you found any new ones? If you get any photos - email them over as I would love to see them. 
The ones below are a Dark Arches moth   and an Essex skipper Butterfly. 

There are some woven Nature Quest 2020 badges to be won - these will be awarded to those who take part and show their engagement with nature and the outdoors over the rest of term

This page contains ideas for things to do outside. I realise that there are limited places to go at the moment so these ideas will hopefully be things you can find or do in your garden - or when you venture out for a walk with your household. Happy Nature Questing!

Mrs G

The photos above include some ladybird lavae - sent in by Grace T and her mum. Please email me any 30 Days Wild photos so I can add them to the Gallery smiley

Teeny tiny things

I went for a walk yesterday with George and Hector and we spent time looking in detail at the teeny tiny things on plants. There is so much going on by our feet and on plants we walk by - I wonder how much we miss. George also took some photos of a few things we found - a shield bug in red and black, a caterpillar with a face and a ladybird and ladybird pupa. What can you find?

30 Days Wild - for June 2020

We, as a school, always sign up for 30 Days Wild from the Wildlife Trusts. This year I will be adding something on here each day for you to have a go at. There are lots of fun activities to do and some links I will add too. If you can send me any photos you take whilst doing the activities we can start a Wild Gallery.

I guess this makes me a wild teacher laugh

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June

 Wait what? Mrs Garrod is posting at the weekend? 

As we are doing the 30 Days Wild - I thought I would add the weekend activities for anyone who wishes to have a go. Today's is meant to be outside and it's a bit on the rainy side so I have added two days of activities plus some extra ones which can be done inside.

Mrs Hall put on her page yesterday that the French for rain is "il pleut!" but did you know that we use the french word to create an English one "Pluviophile" which means someone who loves the rain? I love the rain and will be outside in it at some point today, feeling it on my face and hands, trying to catch a raindrop on my tongue and then heading inside to dry off. I also love splashing in puddles - which makes people laugh when they see me outside my house splashing.

Have a lovely weekend! Mrs G


This weekend we found a huge moth in the house, it must have come in through an open window. We were amazed by its size and the beauty of it. I don't know much about moths so we looked it up and found out it is called a Poplar Hawk Moth. There are lots of different types of Hawk Moth - including one which looks like a hummingbird! 

If you spot any - take a photo and I can add it on here. 


We enjoyed our Bank Holiday walk this morning. We spent some time by a local pond and as we moved round the bank, we spotted these gorgeous creatures. They are grass snakes - you can tell by the yellow flash of scales at the back of the head.

We found six snakes which ranged in size from about 30cm (the size of a school ruler) to about 1.5m (which was quite long!). Snakesssss are cold blooded ssssso like to bassssssk in the sssun to warm up. These ones were making the most of the sunshine this morning. 

Grass snakes are non venomous - which means they don't have any poisonous fangs. You are not allowed to handle wild snakes in the UK, it is best to watch them, snap a photo and then leave them alone.


They were Slytherin...

I have added a link to the webcam at Norwich Cathedral. This camera is overlooking the peregrine nest platform near the top of the cathedral's spire. They are funny looking things at the moment - but it won't be long before they fledge and make their own way in the world. I know we have a peregrine falcon near Hockham - have you seen it?

Kate and her family got some caterpillars and watched as they made chrysalises; waited and then watched as the butterflies hatched. 

Have you hatched butterflies? Have you seen any butterflies? We have lots in our garden. My favourites are the orange tips and the brimstones. Check out the butterfly identification chart at the bottom of the page.

Kate's Butterflies

Quoth the Raven

Nature Home Learning Gallery

We have found all sorts of interesting things on our hour-a-day walk. We found a tree stuffed full of snail shells; a family of lizards basking in the sun; and we watched a grass snake swimming in a pingo - I had never seen one swim before.

What sort of interesting things have you found? Do you collect sticks when you go on a walk? 

We have some gloriously sunny weather at the moment - perfect conditions for butterflies to emerge. I have seen quite a few in our garden including: brimstone, orange tip and large white. I have put on a template for you to draw any you see and a colouring page too. There is also an identification page so you know which ones you find. Please email any photos, drawings or findings for our gallery!


Oak (Quercus robur or pendunculate oak)

This is my favourite tree - the Oak. The big tree is on our farm and often has a hawk sitting in it. I love collecting the acorns in their cups in the autumn - which we then spray gold for our school acorn rewards. We also have Grandmother Oak who guards the entrance to the wood and whom the children greet on their way in saying "Grandmother Oak, Grandmother oak, how are you today? Grandmother oak, Grandmother oak, can we come and play?"

I love the bark on oak trees - the greyish vertical cracks make the tree seem so old. 

What can you find out about oak trees?

Do you have one in your garden? 

Where is the oldest oak in the UK?

There are lots of uses for oak - how many can you find?


Still image for this video
Jemima and Dexter (as well as Walter) found frogspawn in a pond. Hopefully they will watch them transform into frogs over the next few weeks.


Can you find this flower outside in your garden?

Do you know what it is called?

Can you count the petals?

Can you paint or draw a picture of it?

If you have help from a grown up - can you cut the flower in half to see inside? 

How many can you find in your garden? 

I found a bee asleep on one of ours....



Scavenger Hunts