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Mrs Hall Daily

Wonderful Wednesday!


Good Morning - today is the 20th January - it is an important day in America.  Today a new President takes office. The first inauguration took place on 30th April 1789 - do you know the name of the first President of the United States of America? (I'll tell you tomorrow).  This ceremony has taken place every four years since - for over 330 years, and they have never missed one!  (Can you use your maths skills to work out how many ceremonies there have been in this time?)  Joe Biden will become the President after his Inauguration Ceremony in Washington DC - the capital city.  It is also the Inauguration of Kamala Harris as Vice President - this is noteworthy as she is the first woman ever to hold this office!  At the ceremony, both these people will take an oath of office (make a promise) that they will fulfill the role to the best of their ability.  

What a great promise to always try your hardest and to do the best that you can.  No one can ask any more of you than that. You don't have to be a President to have a goal like that, and you don't need to wait for a ceremony that only comes round once every four years.  Every one  of us can determine to do our best ever day, and in every job that we tackle.  My challenge to you today is to do just that - when you complete a piece of your work, when you help out at home or when you play with a brother or sister do the very best you can - your best concentrating, your neatest work, your best effort, your most helpful, your kindest behaviour, there are so many opportunities to try - it is a recipe for a great day!


Let me know what goes well today.  I will be trying too.


Mrs H. 



Tuesday 19th January


Good Morning!

It's Tuesday, my Lego challenge day.  This morning I am going show you another one my Christmas presents, and set you a Lego design challenge.


What material is Lego usually made from?

Take a look at this Lego man...

He is made mainly from wood (apart from his hands - which are the usual yellow plastic), and he came with a design challenge to embellish him.

Take a look at these examples.

This one has been painted, and given some sort of spear to hold.

How do you think the costume for this one has been made?

A further suggestion is that you use your Lego bricks to make items for him - like a pencil or a guitar.

Today, my Lego challenge is for you to create a design for my plain wooden Lego man.

You can use the template below - or just draw our what you would like him to look like.  You can get totally creative and use any materials you want - design him -or her an outfit, or create an all over design that could be painted or drawn on.



I can't wait to see what you come up with.

Have a good day,

Mrs H.

Monday 18th January



Did you have a lovely weekend?  

Were you shocked to see the snow on Saturday morning?  I certainly was.  

I hope you were able to wrap up warm and get outside for a play.

Sylvie spent a long time outside making a giant snowball.  I think it was going to be a snowman but she ran out of steam...


By the end of the afternoon most of the snow had gone - other than the remains of snowmen and giant snowballs.  I wonder how many days it will take for this to melt.



Back to our working week today, I know that it is hard work, but making the difference between the week and the weekend helps to keep the weekend special.  Try and join us for a check in or online lesson if you can.  It's very cold out there today - especially the wind, so if you go out for some exercise or fresh air, be sure to make sure you have plenty on to stay nice and warm.


Mrs Hall


Thursday 15th January


welcome to my last post of the week.

I had some help with completing the Lego challenge yesterday...

Inspired by the beautiful postcards I was given for Christmas I decided to recreate my breakfast in Lego.

What do you think?


Just today and tomorrow for our home learning - then its the weekend.


Next week I am going to record a celebration assembly for you - watch out for our squirrel postcards in your email.  I am also hoping to give out some presentation awards - so make sure you keep trying your best with the work you complete and send in.  Well done to all of you who are keeping on top of your assignments and remember every day starts anew and is another opportunity to show us what you can do!


I'll be back on Monday - enjoy your weekend!


Mrs Hall



I have put the Lego 'supers' on today because we are all having to make a super effort to stay focused and get our work done.


Did you take up my lego food challenge?

I did not have time yesterday - but I am going to try and re-create my breakfast in Lego later today.


Tortue loves to go inside things - especially drawers and shopping bags...

In fact, he likes to go inside anything but the comfy cat bed we bought him - which as you can see still looks like new. 


Have a lovely day.  


Mrs Hall

Tuesday 12th January

Good morning,


I put Lego Hot Dog Guy on today - he is always a popular choice.

I have decided that on Tuesday each week I will set you a Lego challenge.


One of my Christmas presents was a really beautiful set of Lego postcards, that create pictures using Lego blocks.


Here are some:



Aren't they amazing...


My challenge for you today is to create some Lego food.  You may want to do this as a picture - using the colours of the Lego blocks to 'paint with' - creating a two dimensional image, or you may like to try and build something like a burger - constructing it as a three dimensional model.  Why don't you have a go?


Please send any pictures of things you create from Lego to me at  


Have a lovely day.


Mrs Hall



Monday 11th January


Good Morning,

how was the weekend?


Even though we are at home for most of the time, the weekend can still be special - because Saturday and Sunday are the days when there is no home learning to complete.  What did you get up to?

I did lots of cleaning and sorting and some sewing.  Tortue tried to help with the washing - there wasn't much room for the washing once he was in the basket!  

One of the nicest things of the weekend was that Tortue and my old cat Willow have made friends.  Willow has been a bit grumpy with Tortue, but they have finally relaxed and are starting to play together.  Yesterday evening they fell asleep on the sofa - they are not quite cuddled up yet but they certainly seem to have learnt to get along. 


Jo Wicks is back today - had you seen that?  He is going to do his morning PE session three times a week  -try and join in if you can.  It is a great start to the day.


 I look forward to seeing your home learning later.  Remember you can access Teams on an Xbox, a Play Station or a tablet as well as from a computer.


Have a lovely day.  


Mrs H


Morning Everyone


I am going to ask you to do an important job this morning.  I am so glad that you are looking at our website.  Will you see if you can log into your Teams account today to find your home learning?


This is how we are going to do most of our work at home, and if you are struggling I would like to help you sort out the problems as soon as we can.  If you can't find your assignments please let us know.  


Yesterday I asked if you could guess how my kitten got his name.


In the house where he was born, they thought that his fur looked like a turtle shell, and so gave him that name.  They called his brother Tortoise!  


Have a lovely day.


Mrs H.

Good Morning Everyone,


I hope you had a really lovely Christmas.  I want to wish you a very Happy New Year.


You will know that the Government has asked us to keep our school buildings closed again to help stop the spread of Coronavirus, and that we will be going back to home learning.  This is a real shame for us all, and like last time we will miss seeing you in person, but it is important for our country, and to keep the people we love as safe as we can.  We will all try as hard as we can to help you to continue to make excellent progress while we are working remotely.  You can really help by completing the learning we set for you.  I know this is hard for us all - but I also know you are amazing and will rise to this challenge.

We have done this before and learnt so much last time - we will be able to see you on-line far more frequently now we have our class Teams.


Just before I end, I will share a little something that I think will make you smile...


Meet my little kitten who will be helping me write my Mrs Hall Daily!

His name is Tortue - which some of you will know is a French word.  It means turtle (the same word as tortoise in French which we learnt on our French lessons).  I wonder if you can guess why we named him that?

Tortue became my pet just before Christmas - he gets up to lots of mischief and is great fun to have around - I will be sharing some of his antics with you.

Take care, work hard - I hope that we will be back working together as soon as we can. 


Mrs H.