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Mrs Hall Daily (Lockdown)

21st July


Today is the last day of term.  It is the last day of home learning, and time to enjoy your summer holiday.  What a very different year this has been!


I want to let you know that I am really proud of you all.  We have had to learn to work differently, and that has been tricky sometimes - well done for all that you have achieved.


Now we look forward to September when you will all be able to return to school.  We will all be back together, and your learning journey will continue here with us.  We are delighted.  


Have a wonderful summer - see you in September!


Mrs H.

Thank You

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Wednesday 1st July



It was lovely to see so many of you on Zoom yesterday - and we have more zoom meetings coming up for those of you who weren't able to join us.


I could really see that some of you had grown.  It was lovely to hear about the activities you have been up to at home, and some of your achievements in that time. 


The only problem with a zoom meeting is that it makes us miss you more than ever!   It will be so good when we can all be back here together.


I hope the rest of you will be able to join us for a zoom before the end of term - it is so good to catch up and see familiar faces.  I think some teachers are going to organise a quiz - Mrs Dobbin's this week seemed to be based on some of the home-learning!


Enjoy the rest of the week.  


Mrs H

Monday 22nd June

I hope you had a good weekend.


I went for a bike ride and did some sewing - not much new for me!

I will share with you though that I finally managed to finish the jigsaw I got for my birthday back in April.


It is a copy of a painting by an artist called Gustav Klimt. It is called Adele Bloch-Bauer 1.  It has been very, very difficult to complete.  Luckily other members of my family have helped.  My daughter Bella has done most of it.


Do you like it?

I like much of Klimt's work - though I have to say this isn't my favourite.  He painted a lot of woods - which I do really like.

I love the perspective he paints from - showing all the beautiful tree trunks.


I have another jigsaw to start  - it is of West Kirby where I used to live.  It was also a birthday present, and it is special because it is a photo that one of my friends took and had made into a jigsaw for me.  The only difficulty is that it doesn't come in a box with a picture on.  

I do have a copy of the photo - but only small on my phone.  

So I don't know how I will get on with that - I hope it doesn't prove as challenging as the last one.  


Have a lovely week.  It is going to be hot.

Don't forget to share your activities and home-learning with your teachers.


Mrs Hall





Monday 8th June


Good Morning everyone - I missed writing to you last week.  There were a number of reasons - firstly the internet was not working.  I couldn't get on line to write to you either at school or at home on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.  


Then - you may know that school is now open for some pupils - and that made me very busy last week.  So I am really glad to be able to write to you today.  


I had a lovely weekend - I hope you did.  On Saturday Mr Hall and I went to visit a garden that is open to the public.  It was so beautiful, it really took my breath away.  I took loads of photographs and have decided to share them with you.

Some of the pictures are of the flowers - there was an absolute rainbow of them - flowers in every colour and shade you can imagine.  I also photographed interesting textures and shapes.  Can you spot the tree with a completely white stem - and the plant with a deep pink one?  Can you spot the lighthouse?  

Do you know the names of any of these plants.  

I hope you enjoy looking at the pictures. 

Now I am very busy back at school, I will be writing to you a couple of times a week.  


Mrs H

Monday 8th June

Freddy decided that he didn't want a traditional cake for his birthday - he said that instead he would rather have a 'big pile' of cookies, and brownies and cake.  So that is what we made for him.  


There is a street near my house where everyone has put their 'lockdown likes' in the window of their houses.  Staying at home has been tough for all of us - we have missed coming to school, and taking part in many of the regular activities that we enjoy.  I really like the fact that this street have decided to think about some of the positive things from this strange time.


People have put things like,

  • having more time with their family
  • playing with their children
  • being able to spend time in their garden
  • having time to listen to music


I have been think about the things I have enjoyed:  definitely having my children at home and spending time as a family.  Not driving very much, or having to make car journeys, and exercising with Mr Hall would be my top three.

Can you think of some things you have enjoyed about spending more time at home?



Friday 5th June

Morning - welcome to the last working day of the week.  What a rainy one!

If you want to say it is raining in french you say - Il pleut!   The word for an umbrella is a 'parapluie'.


Those of you who learn French with me could try putting this in a sentence -


                                                                                                      J'ai un parapluie rose.


I have been looking through the learning gallery, and reading the daily messages from your teachers.  Everyone is so busy, I can see that you are continuing your learning journey even though you are at home.  It makes me very proud of you!


I am really interested to see how Mrs Fowler's wheelbarrow turns out.  My daughters have asked me if we can make alterations to some of their clothes this weekend - they have things that don't fit them, but they really like the fabric.  So we are going to see if we can turn them into something we can use.  


There is another birthday in my house this weekend - Freddy is going to be 18.  I expect we will make a cake - if it is a good one I'll share a picture.  

Have a lovely weekend.  Back Monday.


Mrs H

Wednesday 3rd June



Where has the beautiful sunshine gone today?


Here is my other new lego character.  He is called Max.


I told you before the holiday that I was trying to paint all our tyres to brighten them up a bit.  My son Felix has been helping (he has actually done most of them!)


They are starting to look really good. What do you think?



For the time being they are in the nursery outdoor area - but we will need to decide where they should go when we all get back to school.  I would like to fill some of them with soil and use them as planters - maybe we could start a gardening club.  What do you think we should grow?  Would you rather that we planted vegetables that we can eat, or flowers?


If you look carefully at the black tyre in the pictures, you will see that Miss O'Dwyer has already planted some beans that the Nursey children had started to grow back in March.


Mrs Hall

Tuesday 2nd June

Good Morning,


I hope you are all feeling well today.  Here is one of my new lego characters.

I think she will be a popular one.


I forgot to tell you about my May walking challenge that I set myself.  The challenge was to walk 222km in one month.  I shared an update with you mid-month and I was well on track.   I completed the challenge on May 27th.  I walked an additional 34km before the end of the month.  Can you work out how far I walked in total over the whole of May?


The June challenge is to complete 30 workouts - that would mean completing an activity like Joe Wicks, a run, or a bike ride every single day!  I am not sure I am going to have time for that one.


Have a lovely day - work hard!


Mrs Hall

Monday 1st June

Good Morning!


Welcome back to the second half of the summer term.  My phone has broken so I can't share pictures with you this morning, and then the internet has been giving me problems too!


I hope you had a good break from school learning, and are ready to get back to your books, despite the lovely weather.  


I will share some photos with you (hopefully )tomorrow.  I have done some long bike rides, completed a bit more of the jigsaw and painted some of the school tyres.  Nothing very exciting - but relaxing just the same. 


I will hopefully be able to show you my new lego keyring tomorrow! 


Have a nice day!


Mrs Hall







Friday 22nd May

Morning everyone 

Today is the last day of half term - next week you will take a break from home learning.  


Mr Hall likes an adventure!  Everyday since we have had to stay at home we have been going for a work, and finding out more about the town we live in.  When we are out walking we try to walk down roads or paths that we have never been on before - we are learning a lot about the geography of Wymondham.  

Yesterday evening when we were walking we saw a bridge that we had not crossed before.  

'Come on!' Mr Hall said, 'let's just see where it goes.'


Just across the bridge we were amazed to see you know what it used to be?


Your teachers and I won't be writing to you until the 1st of June now.  Have a lovely week, enjoy a break from home-learning.  I am looking forward to getting a bit more of my puzzle done - it is still exactly the same as you last saw it - and being outside in the garden.  I will complete my walking challenge, ride my bike and I will try and get more of the tyres painted.  


Take care


Mrs Hall


Mrs Hall



Wednesday 20th May


Well I need to say Good Afternoon today!  I was busy this morning and then I got distracted - that won't do.


How are you all?  I hope you have managed to get a bit of work done already, and that you have a plan for the rest of the day.  Just look at how great the tyres look when they are painted up.  Mrs Radhamma and Mrs Garrod both said that it looks like a giant sunflower.  Hopefully we can get a few more done and cheer up the field and playground.  I have bought some different colours so we can have a rainbow of tyres.  Felix has told me he will try and paint one this afternoon - so hopefully I can show it to you tomorrow.


Have a good afternoon - I hope you will have the opportunity to be outside in the beautiful sunshine!


Mrs Hall


Tuesday 19th May

Morning everyone.  I have chosen the Flash today.  Have you noticed that he is missing a hand?  When I was washing the Lego, I noticed some spare hands and popped one on the windowsill to give him later!


Back at the beginning of May I told you I was going to complete the walking challenge set by my watch.  The challenge was to walk 222.5 kilometres this month - that was an average of 7.2 km each day.


I thought I would give you an update on my progress so far.  I have walked 148.9km so far.  This means the average needed each day now in order to complete the challenge is 5.6km.  So I am feeling fairly confident I will get this done.  I am now thinking about which date in May I will complete it on, and how much further I will actually be able to go by the end of the month!  I will probably get a lot of walking in next week, when it is half term and there is a break from home learning.  When I took on this challenge I suggested you think of a challenge for yourself. How are you getting on with it?


Mrs H

Monday 18th May

Good Morning,

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I am so glad that it has warmed up and the sun is shining again.  Double birthday celebrations in our house, so we were quite busy.  I told you on Friday that Sylvie wanted to make her own rainbow cake - what a beauty!

I thought I would take advantage of the better weather to clean the rest of my Lego.  There is so much that I had to wash it in several batches.  It is all bagged up again now, and ready to come back to school.


Have a good day.  You might be able to take your learning outside today - the weather is supposed to be beautiful!


Mrs H.

Fun Friday



Well it is a double birthday week in our house - both my daughters have their birthday - Sylvie's is today, and Bella's on Sunday.  Sylvie chose the Lego figure today - wild style from the Lego movie.

 She chose a beautiful rose from the garden to make the table look nice for her breakfast. 

She wanted to bake her own rainbow cake for her birthday, and she wanted to do it today - so she will be doing that today.  I will put up a picture and show you how we get on with it later.

Have a great day - last working day of the week - try to have a fun Friday.       

Mrs Hall

Thursday 14th May

Good Morning everyone.

I hope you loved the video as much as I did.  

I have particularly enjoyed seeing all the wonderful creatures and new life on the class pages.  Otters, bees, baby birds.

I have been spending a lot of time in my garden recently and thought I would show you some of my favourite things in it - some of them are living and some are not.

This is my veg patch.  The fruit and vegetables are quite small at the moment - but they will grow quickly now.  I have beans, carrots, lettuces, spinach, and best of all strawberries growing here.  Mr Hall also has a little herb garden - he uses his herbs when he is cooking.     This is one of my favourite things because I feel a great sense of achievement when I get to eat something I have grown, plus veg that's super fresh from the garden tastes delicious.

                     Here is my rusty frog - he is quite old, and used to                                              be part of a fountain and has a little spout coming out of his mouth.  


This is my Superlambanana.  What a funny creature - he is half a lamb and half a banana.  He is a little version of an enormous statue that is in Liverpool.  This reminds me of Liverpool - one of my favourite cities.  I lived in Liverpool for a long time and have lots of happy memories.  It is where I got married and where Bella was born. Could you invent a character that is half animal and half fruit or vegetable?


I wonder if you know what this is?  It looks like a bowl of marbles - which it is, but it is also my bee drinking station.  In between the marbles is water.  This allows bees to safely take a drink.  I saw this idea  last year, I knew that I had a tin of marbles somewhere that never got used, so I hunted them out.  It makes me happy for several reasons.  It is really pretty and colourful.  It makes really good use of an old toy that was not being used for it's original purpose, and also because it helps the bees.


I think this one will surprise you.  This tortoise looks very realistic - but it is a plastic model!  We have great fun with him, and move him round the garden putting him in different places where he looks like he is munching on the plants!  He is easier to look after than a real tortoise and he doesn't need to hibernate!  I am also glad that he can't really eat my plants - that wouldn't make him popular.  I had a real tortoise when I was a little girl, called Humphrey - so that is his name.



 Have a think about some of your favourite things.  Why do you love them?  


I hope you have a lovely day and I hope it is a bit warmer - it was really chilly outside yesterday!


Mrs Hall



Wednesday 13th May


Morning - my goodness is it Wednesday already?  I realised I haven't posted a lego man for a couple of days - it reminds me of the days I forget to change it when we are at school.  

Have you seen your video?  What an amazing job you did with all your lovely pictures.  It is so nice to see so many smiles from you too.  If you didn't send a contribution, but would now like to, Mrs Fowler has kindly said she will add you!  Email any additions to your class teacher, letting her know that you would like it added to the video - remember you don't have to be in the picture yourself if you don't want to be on the website.


I hope you enjoy it - Mrs Hall

Somewhere Over The Rainbow: The Squirrelettes

Still image for this video

Tuesday 12th May

Good Morning,


what lovely messages from all your teachers yesterday.  It did cheer me up to read them, and to see what everyone has been getting up to.  It made me laugh to see Miss O'Dwyer's cat helping out with her puzzle - it reminded me of the last jigsaw I made - Willow was a real pain (a bit like Mog) she was determined to help out!

Such a helpful cat!

Such interesting things going on.  I am looking forward to today's updates.


Have a good day everyone. 


Mrs H.

Monday 11th May


Morning all.  What has happened to the glorious weather?  On Saturday it was so warm I had my breakfast in the garden.  Willow came to join me.  Have you listened to Mrs Dobbin reading about Mog? You can listen to it on our storytime page.

Willow was hoping to have egg for her breakfast I think.


What did you get up to over the long weekend?

I went for a bike ride, and did some of my jigsaw.  I managed to get all the edges done, and just a little bit of the middle.  It is going to be quite a tricky one I think.  I also did some more of my sewing - until my sewing machine broke.  This is very frustrating as I don't know when I will be able to get it fixed.sad


Have a lovely start to the week.  I am looking forward to seeing all the lovely things you get up to.  Remember to email a picture TODAY  if you want it to be included in our new video.


Mrs Hall

Thursday 7th May

I thought I would end our Star Wars themed week with Princess Leia.

How are you all feeling today?


I am really tired - but luckily our long weekend starts tomorrow.  I am going to try and spend some of the time painting the tyres that we have behind school.  I would like us to be able to do some planting in them, or to use them in more interesting ways for us to play with. 

They certainly look a bit scruffy at the moment.  I am also going to start my birthday jigsaw puzzle - which is still unopened in the box!


I hope you have a lovely weekend - I believe it is supposed to be sunny!


Don't forget to send us your lovely pictures for our new video - starring you and your work...


Mrs Hall

Wednesday 6th May

It occurred to me in the night that you might be worrying about the school chickens.  I want you to know that they are fine.  Mrs Searle lives very near to school and is able to pop in to feed them every day on her walk.  They are all safe and happy.  


I am doing ok on my May challenge - my watch has measured that I have walked over 38km this month already.  Can you work out how far that is each day?

Let's hope the sun is out and it feels a bit warmer today!  

Mrs H.



Terrific Tuesday

Good Morning everyone.


I am so glad you liked our video message to you!  I hear lots of you really enjoyed it.  I know it made lots of you feel a little sad, but that it also made you smile.  I felt very emotional the first time I saw it - but now it makes me smile.  We had an idea to make another video that I think you will really like - it involves you!  Please take a look at your class page to see what we have in mind.


I had a really productive day yesterday.  I completed a couple of pieces of my work - and felt a great sense of achievement.  I know lots of you are finding working at home tricky - thats because it is!  If you complete a task or feel proud of yourself for something you have stuck at, or achieved, or have made good progress with remember to celebrate your successes.  You are doing well.  We so enjoy seeing all the things you have been getting up to - make sure you notice all you are achieving and give yourself a big pat on the back.


Work hard, and enjoy your achievements today - even if they are small.


Mrs H.

Monday 4th May

Morning everyone - I hope you had a great weekend.  Those of you who have been reading this regularly will know that I have been hoping to see a real rainbow.  Just look what I saw on my walk after work on Friday. Double rainbow!  One of them was so bright, and the colours were really clear.

A message for you!

Still image for this video


On Saturday I went for a bike ride - have you been out on a bike?  I have heard from several of you that you have learnt to ride over this time away from school - well done.  

Back to work today - but Friday is a Bank Holiday, so we are only working for 4 days this week.

Keep sharing your learning and experiences with us.  I do love to hear what you have been up to.

 Mrs H.


I have picked a young Luke Skywalker from the Star Wars films as today's Lego man.  

Magic May


Good Morning,

Well the weather lady said the there were plenty of rainbows across the country yesterday - but I didn't see one - did you?

When I got up this morning, Felix gave me these rainbow sliders.  They hadn't arrived in time for my birthday, but they came first thing.  So now I can have a pair of rainbows on my feet - I only need to look down!


Yesterday I told you I was going to set myself a May challenge. Did you set yourself a challenge?  If you did, you can email me and let me know (   Mr Hall is going to do a running challenge.  He is going to run 10km at least 6 times this month.  

My phone sets me a monthly challenge.  The challenge is to walk 222km this month - an average of 7.2km every day!  That is going to be a tough one - but I am going to try and do it. 

The challenges I am going to set myself are going to be to eat more fruit and vegetables - to make sure my snacks are healthy, and to put my clothes away instead of leaving them on the chair in my bedroom. 


Last day of the working week today.  I had thought that the weekends wouldn't be as special when we have to spend most of our time at home - but I actually feel the exact opposite now.  The weekend feels more special than ever - because we get to take a break from school work.  This is an experience we all share.

Have a productive day - and get ready for a weekend rest.  

Mrs H.


Thursday 30th April

Morning everyone - how do you feel this morning?


The sun is shining!  The weather man said we would have typical April weather today - sunshine and showers.  For me, April showers means one thing - rainbows!  There are lots of rainbows to see at the moment, so many of you have put them up in your windows.  I took this picture through my kitchen window last year.  Nothing beats the beauty of a real rainbow.  I shall be looking out today.


It will be the first day of May tomorrow - Mr Hall and I have decided to set ourselves a May challenge.  I am not sure what mine will be yet - but I will let you know tomorrow.  Is there anything you would like to challenge yourself to do?  It could be to read a book, or to keep your room tidy, or to learn how to add fractions.  I love a challenge - because at the end of it, I feel a real sense of achievement, and happiness with myself.  Setting a time in which to do it, really helps me to concentrate and seems to make it easier.  

Mrs H. 

Wonderful Wednesday


Morning everyone,

my son Felix has picked the Lego Man today.  Thank you to those of you who emailed me birthday wishes.  They cheered me up - if you know someone who has a birthday and are able to message them, I am sure you will make them smile.


Have you been doing Jo Wicks everyday?  Or had the opportunity to take some other exercise - maybe going for bike rides?  Are you finding it easier now than when you started?  If you are it probably means that you are getting fitter.

I have decided to make an effort to get fitter before we get back to school.  I am going to ask Sylvie to set me up another assault course.  It might be a bit chilly - but I can still get outside in the garden.

Have a lovely day.


Mrs H.

Tuesday 28th April




I know I have posted the bee lego figure before - but it is one of my favourites and today is my birthday!

I thought I would share this with you because I know several of you have already had birthdays since school has been closed, and more of you will have birthdays before we get back.  It is a bit strange - you can only celebrate at home.  Still I have had some lovely texts, and some cards through the post.  Mr Hall got me a 1000 piece jigsaw to keep me busy and made me a delicious breakfast.

Have you had to celebrate your birthday at home?  


Tell me what creative things you have done to make the day special.


Have a lovely day - I am looking forward to my walk in the rain.


Mrs Hall


Monday 27th April


Morning everyone - did you have a lovely weekend? 


Where has the sunshine gone!  I was out in my garden over the weekend and was surprised to see how much things have grown - there are a few more flowers and plenty of buds. 

I also noticed that the slugs have eaten half of the lettuces I planted.  Tomorrow rain is forecast.  The plants could all use a drink.  If it does rain I am looking forward to a walk with my umbrella.  

My garden this weekend.

Fantastic Friday

 It's Friday again.  If we were in school I would be leading a celebration assembly today.  I think you should take some time today to celebrate your achievements and successes from this week.  What are you proud of?

Have you helped out at home?

Is there a piece of work you completed that makes you happy?

Have you shown resilience and kept going with something you were finding hard?


There are many reasons to celebrate - maybe everyone in your house can say something they would like to celebrate from this week.  


I think some of you know already that Friday is my favourite day of the week - after school today the whole weekend stretches out before us.  Make sure you take a complete break from school work over the weekend.  It is important that Saturday and Sunday feel different to 'home-school' days.  I hope the weather stays as beautiful as it has been all week.  


I will catch up with you again on Monday.  

Thursday 23rd April


Morning everyone - do you have a plan for the day?


Yesterday my daughter Sylvie made an assault course in the garden - it was one of her school's PE tasks.  She challenged me to complete it.  I wasn't daunted until she told me that I had to go round three times, and that each time the number of repetitions of a task increases! 


I think I will be able to do it all apart from the hoola hoop - which I am not good at, and certainly won't be able to do for 5 minutes.  Sylvie can hoola hoop for as long as she wants to - and the hoop never seems to fall down - I don't know how she does it!  Can you hoola hoop?


I'll let you know how I get on tomorrow.


Mrs H.

Wednesday 22nd April


Good morning,


I woke up feeling a bit sad today - I miss school, and coming to work, and you!   Working at home can be hard if you are a teacher as well as if you are a pupil.  I thought that I probably shouldn't tell you - I didn't want to make you feel sad too - but then I decided that it would be good for you to know that we all feel sad from time to time - there may be days when you do, and that is ok.  

I decided to go for my walk early on - I thought that might cheer me up.  


Reason to cheer up number 1.

Almost everyone that I passed said a cheerful good morning to me.  Including a fluffy little dog called Daisy who ran up to me. 


Reason to cheer up number 2.

Just look what I saw down by the Abbey near my house.  I walk past here fairly frequently - I don't know if I have been unobservant, but this is the first time this spring I have noticed the lambs.  

Such a beautiful morning - this certainly bought a big smile to my face.





Reason to cheer up number 3.

Look at this lovely collage rainbow I passed on my way home.  This has been made using bits of pictures from magazines I think.  The little girl who made this has put it in her window to make passers-by smile, and to give thanks to key workers.  Have you made a rainbow picture?  Maybe you could put one up somewhere to make people smile.


Reason to cheer up number 4.

When I got home Mr Hall was baking bread - in his pyjamas!!!!  I pretended to be a bit grumpy - and told him he needed to get dressed.  But he certainly made me   He looks so pleased with himself!smile and the bread smelt delicious.

I wanted to share the early part of my morning with you, so you understand that we all need cheering up from time to time.  Please remember, although life it a bit odd at the moment, there are still many reasons to be thankful, and many things to make us smile - a loaf of bread, a beautiful picture, a lamb in the sunshine, or a smile from someone we care about.  I can't wait for lunch - can you guess what I'll be eating?

I hope you have a good day.  Let me know what makes you smile today.


Mrs Hall.


  Tuesday 21st April

Good Morning everyone - welcome to Terrific Tuesday.  This is the first day of summer term - and the next stage in our home learning journey together. 

I hope you had a lovely break, enjoyed the sunshine, took a rest from school work, shared some time with your families, and are ready to learn!! ( Does this sound just like me in assembly on the first day back of any regular term? wink)  

I have write you a letter explaining some of the challenges we are going to face together - none of us have worked this way before.  I know we are going to do a great job.  It is going to be important to keep trying hard, keep listening to your parents, and keep learning.  

Please share the work ( and anything else)  you are proud of with your teachers and me.  I can be emailed at .   I look forwards to seeing your lovely work.  


Stay happy, stay safe.


Mrs Hall

Monday 20th April


Good Morning!

I hope you have had a lovely holiday, and taken a break from School work.

I told you that I would post some pictures of my sewing over the break to show you what I got up to.  I made these two cushions to go on the chairs in my garden.  I am pretty happy with them - they are such bright and cheerful colours.  



All the people who work at school are training today. Tomorrow we need to start teaching and learning together again - I have written you a letter to tell you a bit more about this.


Please click here to see my letter to you.

Please keep sharing your work with us. 

Mrs H.


Thoughtful Thursday

Morning - welcome to Thursday 2nd April.  

If you've read your class page, you will know this is the last post of this term, before you begin your Easter break.  Please take time off from school work - just as you usually would - and enjoy a rest.  Like Mrs Fowler, I am going to make the garden my focus - but maybe not in the way you are imagining.  Many of you know how much I like sewing and I am planning to combine my two interests and make some cushions for my garden chairs.  I will post you some pictures so you can see what I have been up to - which seems only fair as so many of you are sharing your days with us.  


Enjoy the sunshine - the weather forecast for the weekend is great!  


Mrs H.


Welcome to Wonderful Wednesday


Today is the first of April.  It is a little gloomy out there this morning.  Looking through the gallery of your work, and the emails you have sent me, have really cheered me up.  

The lego figure today is a firefighter.  He doesn't get chosen much, but does such an important job. What job would you like to do when you grow up?  When I was young I wanted to be either a hairdresser or a teacher.  I wonder how different my life would have been if I had chosen to cut hair instead!

Felix (one of my sons) has suggested a chemistry experiment for you - I will write you instructions later and post here tomorrow.  

Today would have been the last day of term for you, though  your teachers would still have been working tomorrow.  We will post for you tomorrow, but then we will all have a break for the Easter holiday.  Let's make these last two days together count!


Have a good one...


Mrs H.

Tuesday 31st March




I am glad to see the sun shining again.  I asked Mr Hall to pick the lego figure today, as you can see he went for a superhero - Robin.

I have been keeping my eye out for rainbows - and realised that I had one on my mini.  


Later today I will put some french work up in Deer and Hedgehog home-learning, and I am inspired by the very cool looking crystals growing in Hedgehog's science experiment, so I am going to ask my son who studies chemistry if he has any good ideas for experiments we can try at home.  

I'm off to join Joe Wick's workout now.  

Keep sharing with us.

Mrs H.

Monday 30th March


Good Morning Everyone.

Today I have chosen the lego bee figure.  I was inspired by those of you who have written bee poems - and by Abigail's lovely craft bee she made last week.  I just took a look in the home learning gallery and was so pleased to see all that you have shared with us - you are amazing - we are all stuck at home, but I can see you are still learning.  


You all know that I love lego, but you may not know that I I love my garden.  I am always really happy to be outside pottering around.  I have decided that one of my jobs after work today will be to clean the window so that I can get a better view while I am home schooling. 

On Friday last week - inspired by Mrs Fowler's bird box, I thought I would look for signs of spring in my garden - there was much more colour than I expected.  I have posted a little gallery for you below. If you look carefully you can see a bud on one of my roses - these are my favourite plants in my garden - they have a wonderful scent.   Please keep sharing your work with me.  Have a good day.


Mrs Hall 

My Garden

Friday 27th March


Good Morning!

Today I have picked the lego elephant because I thought we would take a virtual school trip to the zoo.  Chester Zoo are doing live links today, I used to live very near this zoo and go frequently with my own children.  The elephants were always one of our favourites - along with the monkeys.


Here is the link to join.  Just like at the real zoo, gates open at 10:00am.


You could use this in your learning today - why not do some art work?  Draw, paint or collage your favourite animal - or make a model.


You could design a new enclosure for the animals to live in.


Make a fact file about one of the animals, or write some instructions for a new zoo keeper about how to care for them.


I hope you enjoy your 'school trip'.


Tomorrow is the weekend, which will feel strange as we have not been in school this week.  Be sure to take a break from your school learning, so it feels different to our Monday to Friday routine.


Why don't you click on our story page - I know our teachers are going to be posting more books for you to listen to.


I'll be back on Monday - email us your lovely learning and we can share it in our website gallery. 


Mrs H.





                Thursday 26th March


Oh no..where have the lego figures gone...




I was wondering if they had gone on holiday, but it turns out they had decided to take a bubble bath!


Since you have all been so super over the last few days, I decided today I would pick Superman, and Supergirl.


I have been enjoying reading the class pages and I am really looking forward to seeing more of your work and activities at home. 




Have you seen the Rainbow challenge?  

Yesterday Mrs Shiplee took some of the stones you had painted in Nurture and made this gorgeous stack.











Here are instructions for a lego rainbow if you don't fancy creating your own.

Have a lovely day.


Mrs Hall


Morning everyone.


I am missing you all, and thought I would give you a daily update.

I am having to pick my own lego man at the moment - today I have chosen the blue ninja.


I thought I would find out a bit about him:

He is called Jay Walker/Gordon — he is the Blue Ninja and Elemental Master of Lightning.

 In my collection I have the golden ninja - he is called Lloyd, and Cole the black ninja.


A busy day ahead for me - planning some of the exciting things we can do when you all get back to school.  


Don't forget to send me pictures of some of the things you get up to.  Email me at -  - if you are building with lego I would love to see what you have created.  Here is a link to a daily lego challenge.


Check back to see who I pick tomorrow...will it be another ninja?   What do you think?


Mrs H.