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Monday 4th May



Practise all of the phase 2 and 3 sounds using Speed Trial on phonics play. Try it each day, can you improve your time before the end the week?

Focus: short oo

Activity: hide short ‘oo’ words around your house or garden. Include some pseudo words (words that aren’t real). Go on a hunt for the words, read each word, organise into real and nonsense piles. Can they ‘spot’ the digraph (sound) before the read the word?

Real words: book, look, took, hook, hood, wood

Pseudo words: droot, troon, joot, sloog.


Follow the link for interactive phonics games



Introduce our words of the week; it’s, looked, very, don’t, will.

Make silly sentences using the words.

Practise reading them./

Carry on with Mavis the magical cat, follow the link below.



Starter: counting on using objects. Have 3 toys, add 2 more. Instead of counting from 0, count on from the original 3. So, 3 cars + 2 cars..3.. 4, 5. The answer is 5. Repeat this several times throughout the day  using different objects.

Main: activity linked below.