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Monday 27th April


The most beneficial way for phonics to be embedded is through repetition. Use the same 2 or 3 activities that work best for you and your child. Change the phoneme (sound) each day or similar. I think it works best to learn a phoneme (sound) over 2 days. Read (blend) for one day, then write (segment) words the 2nd day. The children have all had previous access and lessons on the sounds I am suggesting for their home learning.


Focus: igh

Activity: hide ‘igh’ words around your house or garden. Include some pseudo words (words that aren’t real). Go on a hunt for the words, read each word, organise into real and nonsense piles. Can they ‘spot’ the digraph (sound) before the read the word?

Real words: Night, might, knight, light, fright, tight, sight, fight.

Pseudo words: gight, dright, chigh, jight, pight.




Starter: Counting in 2s, you could use this song to make it fun!

Main: Complete the ‘maths day 1’ activity, attachment is below.



Carry on with the story Mavis the magical cat. Follow the link below.