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Monday 1st June


Read a comic from the phonics play comics website:

Focus: oi

Activity: hide ‘oi’ words around your house or garden. Include some pseudo words (words that aren’t real). Go on a hunt for the words, read each word, organise into real and nonsense piles. Can they ‘spot’ the digraph (sound) before the read the word?

Real words:  coin, join, quoit, spoilt, oil, toil, boil, soil, foil.

Pseudo words: choif, shoin, doizz, woimp, floib. 



Follow the link below


Starter: Practise saying the number that is one less than a given number - Using your number cards 0-20. Place the numbers 1-20 (leave out the 0) upside down and turn one card over. Can you say the number that is one less than the number on the card? Put that card back and repeat. How many can you do in 1min?

Main: follow the link below