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Monday 11th May


Focus: ar

Activity: hide ‘ar’ words around your house or garden. Include some pseudo words (words that aren’t real). Go on a hunt for the words, read each word, organise into real and nonsense piles. Can they ‘spot’ the digraph (sound) before the read the word?

Real words:  car, far, tar, farm, yarn, bar, hard, jar

Pseudo words:  garx, quarsh, warl, narf, yarp.


Follow the link for interactive phonics games

Introduce words of the week (on the weekly activities document) 

Practise these each day.




Introduce the story The Amazing Adventures of Max. Follow the link below.  You can also listen to the story:

Read the story then ask some questions using the prompts in the attached link. Encourage your child to answer your questions using full sentences. Look at the pictures; put them in the right order. Recap on the story where necessary.


Starter: practise counting in 2s

Main: Follow the link below: