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Maths this year: 2020-2021

Maths at Hockham : 2020-21



Maths Cafe: November 2020



Activity set by Maths Ambassadors:


Over the half term holidays, we want you to look out for how and where Maths is used around us with your child.  If you can take pictures of how your child is using Maths outside school or has seen Maths being used beyond the classroom, please email it to Mrs Radhamma, who can then share it on our school website.


Maths used beyond the classroom


Autumn Term Maths Challenge

Our Maths Ambassadors have come up with a Maths/art whole school activity for every child to participate.  Please click on the link below to find out what the activity is. 

Straight to Curves

If you attempt this, then please do take a picture of your completed work and email it to Mrs Radhamma. (

Maths Challenge for Autumn term: Straight to Curves (set by Maths Ambassadors)