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Hedgehog Class 2019

Welcome to Hedgehogs 2020-2021


We are so pleased to be welcoming you to Hedgehogs Class.  We are very excited about getting back to learning on the 7th September and hope you are too.  I have uploaded a photo of the classroom so you can see how it looks.  The toys you might be able to see on the tables are for our first 'drift-in' activity - I wonder if you can guess what subject they belong to!

Don't forget, PE kit on Monday, please (and every Monday and Friday after that).

See you soon,


Mrs Fowler and Mrs Shaw


Thank you

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Thank you


I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to all those families who have engaged so well with the home learning over the past months.  Your hard work in the face of very challenging circumstances has been truly humbling and I am so grateful for all the support you have shown your children and the school.

I hope you have a wonderful summer break. I wish all the Year 6s the very best of luck and I look forward to seeing all the 2020 Hedgehogs  in September.

Take care,

Claire Fowler

Monday 13th July


Please click below to watch the Sports Day film.  Thank you to everyone who took part (due to technical clashes, I wasn't able to upload all the videos but tried to take a screen shot of the ones that didn't work.  I hope everyone who entered can see themselves at some point.) Watch to the end to see who won Virtual Sports Day 2020.

Great Hockham Sports Day

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Friday 10th July


Thank you to everyone who sent in pictures or videos for the Sports Day Film - I am aiming to have it ready to upload on Monday. There were some really fab entries - look out especially for the angry goose!

Talking of videos, thank you also to those who have completed and sent me their stop motion animations.  I have uploaded them in the Home Learning Gallery.  There was such a lot of work involved in the ones I have seen - they are well-worth a look.

As you probably know, if you read my morning posts regularly, I really enjoy my garden.  I had a wander round this morning as the rain had finally stopped and was marvelling at the mathematical arrangement in some of the plants.  I took a few photos so you can see what I mean. Isn't nature amazing?

I hope you have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend,

Mrs Fowler

Look at the mathematical designs in these flowers!

Monday 6th July


Good morning, everyone. I hope you all had a good weekend.  I spent a lot of mine cycling - on Saturday I went to Redgrave and Lopham Fen, which was very lovely.  It is always so quiet there (apart from the birdsong!). On Sunday, I cycled to Norwich and back.  Going there was okay but there was a head wind all the way back which made it quite challenging!  My aim is to cycle 100 miles by next weekend.

I hope you were also able to get out and about and enjoy the sunny (if rather blustery) weather.

Enjoy your week, everyone,


Mrs Fowler

Friday 3rd July

Hello everyone - I hope you have had a good week.  I am looking forward to seeing you on zoom later today - please have a pen and paper ready!

Please can you be sending in your photos for Sports Day very soon so we can add them to the film - it's been lovely to see people having fun in the sunshine in the ones we have received so far.  Remember - it's just a bit of fun so choose whatever sport you like and send me a photo.

(Just a note that the Hedgehogs email account is currently being transferred between systems so there is a bit of a problem with it - it should be fixed today but apologies if I haven't replied to any emails in the last day or two.)

Have a wonderful weekend and hope to see you later.


Mrs Fowler

Monday 29th June


Good morning all - I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. Some of you may remember that I posted a video of a bee emerging from my daughter's bee hotel several weeks ago.  This inspired me to make my own hotels by drilling into some logs and leaving them around the garden.  Yesterday, I was very excited to see that someone had moved in!  If you look at the picture below, you will see plugs of green in the end of some of the holes.  These are evidence of a leaf-cutter bee at work.  They are brilliant little workers (and fantastic pollinators) and they create little nests for their larvae by cutting perfect little circles of leaf, typically from a rose.  The video link here will explain the process:

I checked out a nearby rose and, sure enough, there was evidence that a leaf cutter had been at work.  Magical!

Have a wonderful day,


Mrs Fowler

Friday 26th June


Good morning, everyone. It's funny because Mrs Radhamma has spoken about picnics in her Friday post and I wanted to tell you that today is National Cream Tea Day!  This made me think of our scone-making in the Autumn Term and all your wonderful inventions - spiced, marshmallow, chocolate... Maybe you could make some scones today or this weekend and share an afternoon tea with your family. 


I have uploaded the latest OpenUpScience below which, as ever, includes lots of information and cool facts. This week's edition is about blood so you could see how much you can remember from the Spring Term when we learned about circulation in humans and so many of you brought in wonderful pieces of homework.   If you do any of the activities, they could be your science for the week - please send me photos if you do.


I think the day is supposed to be another hot one so stay safe, stay cool and I'll be back on Monday.


Have a great weekend,


Mrs Fowler


Monday 22nd June

Good morning, Hedgehogs - I hope you had a great weekend.  The weather looks like it will be sunny all week so I hope you can find a moment to join in with our latest film-making project.  Although we won't be able to have sports day as normal, we wanted to join our school and home communities together in a kind of virtual event and are asking that you take a picture of yourselves doing sport at home.  It can be serious or funny and, if you don't normally have your picture on the website, maybe you could be in disguise or photographed from behind!  Choose any sport you like - running, jumping, throwing, catching, egg and spoon, obstacle...

There is a parents event too so mums and dads could also send in a picture and there will be a teachers 'race' this year so we will all be joining in.

When I have your photos, I'll pop them in a sports day film and we can celebrate summer together.

Please send any entries to the normal email account. Meanwhile, we'll be doing the same with the Bubbles!

I am really looking forward to seeing your entries - be as silly or sensible as you like!

A letter will be emailed later today giving more details.

Have a wonderful day, Hedgehogs,

Mrs Fowler

Friday 19th June

Good morning, everyone. I hope you have had a lovely week. I was woken up this morning, as always, by the sounds of the jackdaws and starlings squabbling over the bird table. A friend asked me if I minded this dawn chorus/racket as she sleeps with ear plugs in to avoid it! But I don't mind it. It is noisy and it does wake me up at about 4.30 - 5 o'clock every morning but I like to hear nature going about its business and I know that, in a few weeks' time, all the baby birds will have fledged and become independent and then suddenly mornings will be quiet again. I never know where the birds go for their food at that point but they do seem to disappear for a while.  So, I suppose I am just pleased to welcome them for the short months they need a little help to get started in this world (plus it's a more pleasant sound than an alarm clock!). 

Click on the link below to read this week's OpenUpScience activity letter.

I hope you have a super weekend and I'll see you Monday when we will be announcing a new challenge.

Take care,


Mrs Fowler

Monday 15th June

Morning everybody! What a beautiful weekend we had - very unexpected but very welcome.  The return of good weather meant I could indulge in one of my favourite pastimes - pond watching.  I was rewarded this time with the sight of a large pair of eyes staring suspiciously back at me - a frog sunning itself in the shallow end!

Have a lovely day, Hedgehogs. Message me if you need me but otherwise I'll be here again on Friday.

Take care,


Mrs Fowler

Friday 12th June

Good morning, Hedgehogs.  I have been reading a book about mythical creatures and wanted to pass on a few things I found out:

A kraken is a mythical sea creature that fishermen and sailors in olden times believed to be up to a mile long and often got mistaken for an island!  It was said to have tentacles capable of wrapping around an entire ship and dragging it under the waves!

Dragons are part of myths and legends all over the world - some cultures believed them to be lucky and peaceful but in most places they were feared. There is a place called Dragon's Hill in Berkshire, England where a brave knight is supposed to have saved a maiden from a dragon.  Even today, there is a bare patch of ground on the hill where the grass doesn't grow and the story is that this was because the dragon's blood was spilled there.

The phoenix is just one of many mythical birds (you might remember Fawkes from Harry Potter). The myth attached to the phoenix is that it was immortal - although it appeared to die by bursting into flames, it came back to life again.  This is why people sometimes say something came back to life like a phoenix from the ashes.  


Maybe you could design a mythical creature today - you could draw it or model it - maybe create one from Lego.


Have a good Friday and a super weekend, everyone,

Mrs Fowler

Thursday 11th June

Morning all!  Sooooooooooooo much rain! This amount of rain is making me think of two things: Firstly -  rainbows. 

Did you know that we all see our own rainbow?  I didn't until I looked it up.  Apparently, although there is usually only one rainbow despite trillions of raindrops falling, (a double rainbow is always two rainbows stacked on top of one another), in a way there is an infinite number of rainbows, depending on who is looking at them.  When the sun shines through the raindrops, the raindrop acts like a mini prism and 'splits' the light into its different colours which then form a rainbow.  However, each person sees the rainbow which is created by the unique angle we are looking from. So, when the sun comes out later and rainbows appear, remember that all of you will be seeing your own one.


Secondly, I always think of The Cat in the Hat when it rains - maybe you remember the start of the book:


The sun did not shine.

It was too wet to play.

So we sat in the house 

All that cold, cold wet day.


Which sounds a bit depressing until your remember what happens next! 


I hope you have a lovely day.

Mrs Fowler

Wednesday 10th June

Good morning, everyone. Like Mrs Hall, I have been enjoying reading the daily messages from other teachers and finding out what people are thinking and doing at home.  I think Mrs Hall is quite right about enjoying the simple things in life - this is so true. And like Mrs Dobbin, I have also been thinking about the concept of time. It does seem to be moving at a different pace and I find myself becoming a bit more patient and accepting that not everything has to be done at once.  One symbol of this is my Lego model of The Death Star.  My husband gave it to me for Christmas and I started building it with my nephew before lockdown. (My nephew and his sister are the stars of the Dragon film on the Storytime Page.) We got to the last set of bags and then had to stop seeing one another.  I haven't seen him or his sister for months now but The Death Star waits, unfinished, until the time when we can meet again.  I am looking forward so much to seeing them both and I hope we are then allowed to give one another a great big hug and sit side by side, finishing a Lego build.

Tuesday 9th June

Sorry I'm late! The school has had no internet for a couple of days and so I wasn't able to post this morning's message until now.  My main thing today was to add the weekly OpenUpScience activity sheet.  It looks like a fun one, with some elements of last half term's science. The title is: Flight.

Enjoy the rest of the day and I hope to check in with you again in the morning, technology permitting!

Mrs F

Monday 8th June

Good morning, Hedgehogs.  As you can see below, we are joining in with the national reading challenge this year.  One of the things I miss at the moment is sharing and exploring books with you. I hope that you have been able to read a lot at home during lockdown - I know some of you definitely have because you have shared your reading with me.  Of course, you don't necessarily need to read a book yourself - you can have it read to you by someone in your home or through an audio book.  There are so many wonderful audio books out there - many of them free - and it's great to hear a story being read out loud - which is how stories were enjoyed for many thousands of years before printing was invented.  Since lockdown, I have been listening to the entire Harry Potter books on audio CD read by the fantastic Stephen Fry.  It has been a real pleasure and it's something I can do whilst getting jobs done. What is your favourite book?  Do you have one you keep re-reading?  Do you have a favourite author?  Whatever you love to read, I hope you are able to take advantage of the extra time you may have and dive into a book.


Have  a lovely day, Hedgehogs,

Mrs Fowler



"Whatever you love to read, remember it can never be too silly!" (Paul O'Grady)


Summer Reading Challenge - This year the Reading Agency have launched their summer reading challenge slightly early and this year the challenge will be a digital one. Meet the Silly Squad!




Below is a letter to give you more details about how you can take part, as well as join in with games, quizzes and downloadable activities. 

Friday 5th June

Morning everyone! I hope everyone is well and keeping busy.  Last Christmas, I decided I would try and buy some presents from antique or second hand stores and restore them.  I wanted to do this to cut down on waste and my children especially dislike the idea of stuff going to landfill.  I managed to do this with several presents, including restoring an old printer's tray as a present for my daughter to display all her nature treasures. I was pleased with the result so I thought I would have a go at a project for myself and bought the old wheelbarrow you can see below from a charity shop.  It's a decorative one supposed to be used for plants but is falling apart. 

Now, it has been standing in my driveway for about 5 months continuing the decaying process as:

a)I hadn't been able to get any materials to do it up ... and

b)I don't actually have a clue what to do

So, I have told myself not to put this job off any longer and see what I can manage.

Maybe you have been putting off doing something a bit challenging - could this weekend be the time you get it done?

I will let you know how it goes and maybe you can let me know if you have challenged yourself to do a project - no matter how big or small.  I am happy to add any photos on this page.

Have a great weekend, Hedgehogs,

Mrs F 

Thursday 4th June

Good morning everyone!  I hope you are all feeling good and managing to get out and about (although it's a bit chillier, isn't it). For all you sports fans out there, there was that good news recently that live sport is coming back to the television and radio.  It made me chuckle that they're now considering what is known as 'canned' audience responses.  That is to say, they will play recordings of cheering and clapping at appropriate moments.  That made me wonder who decides when those moments are - do they have to have someone from both teams who presses the cheering button?  Will there be a limit on how much cheering can be done?  And will they extend it to canned booing at a bad tackle or gasping when someone nearly scores?

I think I am looking forward to this nearly as much as the sport!  Mind you, if you're a cricket fan, like me, no crowd participation will basically be like watching a county cricket game where there are about 10 people, 5 of whom are asleep!  (It's not all like that amazing Cup Final we enjoyed last year!) 

Have a lovely day,

Mrs F

Wednesday 3rd June

Good morning, everyone.  Following the success of the bluetits in at least three of the teachers' gardens, I am very pleased to say that the chickens have hatched out two babies!  They are adorable and I will try to get a picture of them later today.

Have a lovely day, Hedgehogs,

Mrs F

Tuesday 2nd June

Hello everyone! As you know, we have set you the challenge of the 30 Days Wild and one of yesterday's activities was to walk through the grass bare-footed.  I did this as I did my evening walk around the garden spotting the new flowers and plants and it felt fab!  One of my favourites is the rose my daughter got me for Mother's Day - I had mentioned that I'd love a rose with open flowers so that the bigger bees could have a feast and she'd remembered.  Not only that, the one she found is named 'Meg' which is the name of a much-loved and much-missed dog that we had a few years ago.  Every time I look at that rose, I not only remember my lovely dog, but I also think how lucky I am to have space to grow such beautiful plants and how very lucky I am to have two wonderful, thoughtful children.

Have a great day, wherever you spend it,

Mrs F

Monday 1st June

Good morning, Hedgehogs!  Well, as I suspected, the baby birds fledged over the holidays and now the nest is empty.  I am wondering if the parents will have another brood so am leaving the box alone for now.  We think there were seven babies in the end but didn't actually see them leave.

Although the school is partly re-opening, I am still here for you via the email account, so please do contact me if you have any questions or want to share your work.  If you get a moment, take a little time to check out the Home Learning Galleries - they are amazing!

Year 6 - I will be in touch shortly with what I have managed to find out from your High Schools and we can do a little work on transition.


Have a great day,

Mrs F

Friday 22nd May

Good morning everybody!  Goodness me - the last day of term already - how quickly that last half term went!

Well, there was no storm where I live but there was a bit of welcome rain for the garden.  Now it looks like being a fine and sunny week ahead which will be great for getting outdoors.  I will be trying to keep up with my cycling - I will definitely enjoy the time to do some every day during half term.  We have plans here to cycle to Norwich and back next week which I am looking forward to - I hope to meet my children at some point which will be amazing.  I hope you have made some plans for the holiday with your families and that you get to enjoy some sunshine and a well-earned break.

Take care - see you in June - when I believe my little birds will have flown!

Mrs Fowler

Thursday 21st May

Good morning - I hope you all enjoyed the fabulous weather we had yesterday.  Every day I spend time pond-watching and because it was so warm yesterday there was a lovely invasion of damselflies.  They really are the most amazing insects and I loved seeing how they behaved. The species I think I saw were the Large Red Damselfly and the Common Blue.  Apparently, you can tell the difference between damselflies and dragonflies because damselflies tend to be smaller, when they rest they keep their wings folded and they have smaller eyes than the dragonfly. I have added pictures of the species to the slideshow below.

I see from Mrs Dobbin's page that her baby bluetits have flown!  I think ours must be about to do that.  In just a few days they have got feathers and the stronger ones are crawling all over the nest and flapping their wings; I think I can see seven babies.  It's funny - I was watching them and you could see different characters - the active, noisy ones and the quieter, sleepy ones.  I wonder if there are differences like that in any of your families!

I think today is supposed to be very warm again, with maybe a storm later on. Enjoy all of it, Hedgehogs and I'll be back tomorrow.


Mrs Fowler

P.S. If you haven't checked out the Home Learning Gallery lately, please have a look - I upload all your work on there and there's some amazing stuff to see.

P.P.S.  Mrs Ambrose has asked us to share this fab idea with you all: Rob Biddulph (DrawwithRob) is aiming to go for a world drawing record at 4pm today - a record that you can help him set. Please visit this website if you want to take part:

Wednesday 20th May

Hello Hedgehogs!  I've got a bit of a science theme for you today,  I am adding links to four digital science magazines that are aimed at families.  There's lots of info and some fun investigations, activities and experiments.  Links are below - I hope you enjoy them.

Mrs Garrod has asked me to remind you about the peregrine falcon cameras at Norwich Cathedral - here's a link to it:

My own bird watching continues!  The bluetits are very active and you can see the babies are getting feathers and are not so floppy any more!  There seems to be a very dominant one which always gets food first but the parents do also seem to rummage down in the nest to reach the less pushy ones at the bottom!  I have added the latest photos to the slideshow.

Tuesday 19th May

Good morning everyone! I have been really enjoying the sunshine over the past few days - at the end of a day's work, it is so lovely to be able to walk around the garden with my husband and enjoy looking at all the plants.  Often, we notice flowers that seem to have sprung from nowhere!  I love to look at the changes and I really marvel at the different ways all the plants have evolved to try and survive and reproduce - attracting pollinators, defending against pests and things that want to eat them, and dispersing such a wide variety of seeds in the most amazing ways.

I have taken a few photos of my favourite plants today.

Have a wonderful day, 

Mrs Fowler

P.S. Feeling pretty pleased I decided to take these pictures early this morning as I found a fish that had jumped out of the pond and was lying, gasping for breath, on the soil.  Managed to rescue it and it is now swimming around in the pond again ( a bit muddy but I think it's going to be okay).

Some of my favourite plants

Monday 18th May

Good morning everyone - the start of the final week of half term.  Last week the Year 6s would have been doing their SATs and Year 5 would have been sitting similar kinds of tests. There would have been breakfast and bowling for Year 6s and a woods trip for all of us.  How things have changed!  If we can all get back together before July, I will be doing my very best to organize trips to the woods - apart from anything else, I haven't forgotten that you are owed a trip as part of your golden acorn prize.  To be honest - you have been so amazing during lockdown, I think you deserve everything on the prize tree.  

I miss you very much, Hedgehogs,

Mrs Fowler

Friday 15th May

Good morning everybody.  I have been thinking that there is one good thing to have come out of the lockdown situation and that is our website and the opportunities that have emerged to use it as a way of connecting with one another.  I have loved reading the other teachers' daily messages but most of all I have really enjoyed the Home Learning Gallery.  Of course, I love getting work and messages from Hedgehogs but being able to see work from across the whole school in one place is a wonderful thing.  It shows how hard you are all working but, more importantly, it shows what creative and individual people you all are.  It's funny really, because although I know that potentially the whole world can see your work, somehow the website seems just for us - a way of our small but very special community to stay in touch and to celebrate the uniqueness that is Great Hockham Primary School and Nursery.

Take care and have a fabulous weekend,

Mrs Fowler

P.S. Birds so busy at the moment they have kicked the nesting material over the top of the babies so I can't see them at all this morning!

Thursday 14th May

Hi everyone - I was digging in my garden at the weekend and found a very strange piece of glass.  My house is pretty old so I wondered at first if it was old glass that had come from the original windows of the cottage but it looked a little odd.  I did a bit of research and at one point came across information on fulgurites which are formed when lightning hits the ground.  The heat is so intense that sand, soil or other minerals are reformed into glass-like structures.  Isn't nature amazing?

Now, I don't think my odd piece of glass is one of those - I still don't know what it is - but do check out some of the cool pictures of fulgurites that I found online.  

Have a wonderful day, Hedgehogs,

Mrs Fowler


Wednesday 13th May

Good morning ...


Today our morning message comes from you, the youngest members of our school family. 

It is not too late to send us your photographs and drawings. This message can continue to grow each week so do continue to email us. 

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Fowler

Somewhere Over The Rainbow: The Squirrelettes

Still image for this video

Tuesday 12th May

Good morning everyone.  I have managed to get a slightly better picture of the baby birds - if you look on the slideshow, you should be able to see the open beak of one of them.  I can see them quite clearly on the monitor but the image gets a bit blurred by the time I have taken a photo of it!  I imagine the babies are making some kind of chirruping sound but if you click on this link: 

you can hear the adult's song and a bit of info about bluetits.

Thank you to those of you who sent in a photo for the video.  It will be uploaded soon.


Have a lovely day, Hedgehogs,

Mrs F

Monday 11th May


It’s very exciting - the birds have finally hatched! I have popped some photos in the slideshow below.  Mum and Dad are very busy feeding the babies but it’s hard to say how many there are at the moment.  And the bluetits are not the only things that were born on Friday:  My daughter has a bee hotel in her garden and she managed to film a bee emerging after the winter.  Last year an adult bee will have laid an egg in one of the bamboo tubes and left a grain of pollen as a first meal.  Then the adult will have sealed up the end of the tube with mud.  When the temperature is warm enough, the egg hatches and out comes a baby bee. I have uploaded the video below.

This got me thinking about how there is so much beauty everywhere – we don’t need to go far at all.  On a walk near my home at the weekend, I took a picture of a beautiful wood and sent it to my family who came back with a picture of what they could see at that moment.  My mum could see the lilac about to come into bloom in her garden and my daughter was walking by the River Yare just half a mile from her home.

So, although we can’t go far, we who live in this wonderful part of the country and who are lucky enough to have gardens, don’t really need to look very far for the wondrous things in life: the snowstorm of cow parsley, the joys of a river bank, the pleasure in seeing a favourite tree burst into colour and the birth of the birds and the bees!

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Fowler

Bee Birth

Still image for this video

Beauty everywhere

Thursday 7th May

Good morning everyone - it looks like it will be another sunny day today - hurray!  Thank you to everyone who has sent in a photo for the film - we hope to share that with you next week.  There's still time to send in photos so please join in if you would like to.

It's been such a pleasure receiving all your pictures of work.  I know not everybody can do this but I have really enjoyed the daily pictures of all the wonderful things you have been doing.  I am very, very proud of you, Hedgehogs.

My little bird is still sitting on her nest - we think this weekend is the 'due date' for hatching so, fingers crossed, I'll have some good news for you after the Bank Holiday weekend.  Have a lovely mini-break, enjoy the VE celebrations that I know so many of you are involved in and I look forward to 'seeing' you again next week.

Mrs Fowler

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning - thank you to those who have begun to send in pictures for the Hockham video - I am looking forward to them all being in a film together so keep them coming if you can!

If you look at the slideshow below, you will see a fairly ordinary-looking plant that I have in my garden.  Its common name is a lamb's ear plant and it is lovely and furry to touch.  However, the main reason I planted it was because I found out that a type of bee called a wool carder bee gathers the fluff from the leaves and makes a nest with it.  I think that's amazing!  I've included some pictures taken by other people of the bee and its nest.

I hope you have a lovely day,

Mrs F

Wildlife Wednesdays

If you click on this link it will take you to some cool videos produced by the Wildlife Trust.  Every Wednesday at 10am, there is a new, live stream.

Tuesday 5th May

Good morning,

Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages about the Somewhere Over the Rainbow video. We're glad you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed making it for you, the amazing children in our school family. 

If you would like to take part in a video here's what you need to do:


Do some fabulous art work of either rainbows, rabbits, owls, deer, hedgehogs or squirrels (no words please, just pictures).

Take a photo of you holding your art work, just like the adults have in our video.

Or if you don't want to be in the video, just take a photo of your art work.

Email your photos to us by Monday 11th May.

Make some popcorn and wait for the premiere to be announced!


Have fun, from Mrs Fowler

Monday 4th May - For today's morning message, please play the video below. Have a lovely day - Mrs F

Still image for this video

Friday 1st May

Good morning everyone - what a glorious start to the morning - the trees are that wonderful, intense green that you only get in Spring.  I am lucky enough to be able to see many trees from my window - beech, hazel, holly, horse chestnut, laurel and other ones that I have no idea the names of! (I'd should ask Mrs G!).  All of them are lit up and vibrant and I feel very privileged to have such a view. I think it was possibly on just such a morning that Mole left his home to explore the sunshine in The Wind in the Willows.

My little bird also left her home this morning!  While I was watching, she hopped up onto the edge of the hole and then was gone - presumably to take a comfort break!  Apart from that, she still sits minding her clutch of eggs.  While we wait for her eggs to hatch, I thought I'd recommend this website to you:  This is the place where you can see the peregrine falcons that are nesting on Norwich Cathedral - very impressive - and they also have a webcam in a barn owl box.

Have a lovely day and a great weekend - the weather is supposed to be warm and sunny.

Mrs F

Thursday 30th April

Good morning - I was glad to see the sunshine when I woke up this morning - I soon got fed up with the rain! Even my dogs got a little fed up yesterday - you can see a picture below of Lily hunkering down with a couple of my bags!  I see that Mrs Dobbin's eggs have hatched; our bluetits are still sitting on the nest.  When I checked this morning, it looked like mum was having a lie-in - I don't blame her!

As I write this, I can hear the news about Captain (now Colonel) Tom and the special celebrations that will be going on for him today.  This story really is extraordinary, isn't it - not just the astounding amount of money he has raised, and the fact that he's number one in the charts, but the fact that he made such a difference at the age of 100.  Absolutely inspirational. 

Wednesday 29th April

Good morning, lovely Hedgehogs.  Yesterday was even quieter than usual here due to the rain but the birds in the nest box are very busy.  It's difficult to get a picture of both the parents at the same time as the dad seems to fly in and out very fast, presumably delivering some food to mum.  Mum is pretty active on the nest and she keeps turning round, preening herself and organizing the eggs. I have added the daily picture of mum and I'll try and get one of both of them at some point. Have a good day, take care and stay safe.

Mrs Fowler

Tuesday 28th April

Hello everyone. Like many people, I have been having to make some changes in what I would normally do around the house and garden.  I decided that it would be a good idea to plant some vegetables in places normally taken up by bedding plants.  (We don't have any bedding plants this year but I did have veg seeds.) There are pictures below of a couple of my first efforts - salad in an old wheelbarrow and  a courgette ladder to support the plant as it grows and keep the courgettes off the ground.  It is actually a lot sturdier than it looks - it's made from hazel branches left over from pruning trees at the back of my garden.  The wonkiness is natural curve of the branches and I am calling it the 'rustic look'!

Hope you have a good day - I think it's going to be a wet one but at least the salad and the courgettes will be happy!

Monday 27th April

Good morning - I hope everyone enjoyed the sunny weekend. We went cycling both days and really enjoyed the sight of all the trees bursting into leaf.  Mind you, I always tend to forget the beautiful tree I am lucky enough to have in my front garden. I've put a picture of it below - it's a horse chestnut (or conker) tree. It's probably a bit too big for the garden but I love it and so do all the birds.

Speaking of the birds, I have finally seen a parent on the nest.  I am assuming it's mum we can see - every so often she has a shuffle round and turns the eggs.  I hope you can see her on the picture for the 26th April below. 

Have a lovely day,

Mrs Fowler

Friday 24th April

Good morning, Hedgehogs!  It was really lovely to hear from so many of you yesterday.  Thank you so much for emailing - it means a lot. It sounds like you're doing some fantastic things with your parents ranging from helping on the farm to baking and gardening to art and listening to Beethoven in a meadow, as well as all the school work.  You and your families are amazing.

The eggs are still in the nest - hurrah! -  in fact, I think there are more.  I am sure I can see 6 or 7 now which is a relief.  Still haven't seen an adult though but I suppose it must soon be time to sit on the eggs and then at least one of the parents will be there most of the time.

Enjoy today and then have a lovely weekend with your families,

Mrs F

Thursday 23rd April

Good morning, Hedgehogs. I checked the nest box before logging in today and couldn't see any eggssurpriseHowever, there were new feathers on the nest so I am hoping that the other ones have just been covered over ready for the next batch.  I'll keep you informed! 

One good thing to come out of the lockdown is the banter you can have via social media - what would we have done without it?  I have a Family thread which is so important as I can't see them at the moment and last night we had a 'chat' which contained over 150 posts!  It was all a bit mad - the kind of thing you get when families get together but it was lovely.  My sister is currently delivering a daily WhatsApp 'lecture' on giant cacti (my turn to pick a subject next week) and I thought you might like this fact: The giant Saguaro cactus grows to around 40 feet (over 12 metres) tall and can weigh 4,800 lbs (over 2 tonnes)!

Have a lovely day, Mrs F

Wednesday 22nd April

Morning everyone! I hope you all managed to get back into work mode yesterday - it can be super hard after a break, especially when you're working at home. The bluetits have definitely got into work mode in the camera box - there are four eggs this morning!  I didn't really know the process but it seems they will lay gradually and then incubate them all so they hatch at about the same time.  Nature is amazing, isn't it?

Take care, Hedgehogs.  See you tomorrow, Mrs F

Tuesday 21st April

Good morning everybody!  I hope everyone is well and had a relaxing Easter, enjoying some fabulous weather. Now we're back in term time, the new Home Learning is below.

I am very excited because we have birds nesting in a box that has a camera.  Some of you may remember that I thought we had bluetits investigating a box earlier in Spring - well, it seems they changed their minds and chose the one with a video feed - little divas!  Anyway, we've been watching the nest progress and it's fascinating to see the skill.  I think I can see three eggs this morning - there was only one yesterday.

On a different nature note - I would like to recommend this site:  It's an animated exploration of the ocean and it contains some really cool and amazing facts! It basically goes deeper and deeper and weirder and weirder.  Look out for the iron-clad snail and flabby fish!

Those of you who share a house with a very young person might like to help them learn early counting - see if you can track down the dragon again elsewhere on this site. See you tomorrow, Mrs F

Thursday 2nd April

Hello Hedgehogs,

Last day before the Easter Break! I have received lovely work from some of you - please do share if you haven't already.  You just need to photograph something you've done and email it to the class email page and I'll post it up.

The weather for the Easter Holidays looks pretty good so I hope you can get out into your gardens and enjoy the sunshine, maybe do some planting.  Gardening is my job for this weekend - getting all my seeds in pots and having a bit of a tidy-up in the garden.

Have a wonderful break and I'll be back here in a couple of weeks (but if you want to send me some work, I'll be checking the emails over the holidays, so please keep them coming in!).

Wednesday 1st April

Good morning everybody! I would like to focus this morning on the wonderful work that many of you have sent in for us to share.  If you haven't visited the Home Learning Gallery yet, please take a look - it has got such brilliant images of your work and activities. So many of you are doing an amazing job and showing just how hard-working and creative you are.  It has been especially nice for me to see work from across the school all in one place.  Keep the sharing going and, if you haven't shared anything yet, but would like to, please just email it to the class email address.  Thank you, squirrels.

Tuesday 31st March

Good morning all! While I was in school yesterday, I had a look at the 'biodegradable' lids we have been studying.  There is still no sign of decomposition but the one in the salt solution has now got these really cool cube-shaped crystals, so it's not all bad! (Sophie and Bella - I added more water to keep the experiment going.)

Monday 30th March

Good morning - I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  We got a little bit excited when it began to snow on Sunday - including Lily, who was outside at the time.  Here she is, licking a snowflake off her nose! It's a bit of a shame the snow didn't settle but much better for the birds and insects who are becoming very busy now.

Friday 27th

Good morning, everybody!

Hey, Hedgehogs - have you ever felt really cross with someone but were struggling to find the right kind of response? Well, you could always try this one used by my five year old niece when she was cross with her dad:


Hey, your mama was a slug.

A slow one especially.

Called Andrew.



Thursday 26th

Good morning, Hedgehogs and all other visitors to our page!  It's lovely to see that some of you have started to email telling me what you have been doing.  Please keep those emails coming and I'll add any pictures to our gallery - see under News and Events.  I loved your clock, Isabel!

As I write this, I can see that some bluetits have moved into a nest box at the back of my garden and are busily doing something; I must find out what they are doing - feeding chicks seems too early - maybe the male feeding the female while she sits on the eggs?  Perhaps some of you know and would like to tell me or maybe you could make that a home learning task!

Hurray - Spring is here! 

Wednesday 25th

Morning all!

Help! I didn't know whether to call a plumber or a knight in shining armour this morning!

How to train your dragon? Put it on a spin cycle!


Gressenhall Trip

Hedgehogs have been on an amazing trip to Gressenhall Rural Life Museum. The trip was a themed day out with the title 'A Victorian Whodunnit'.  We travelled back in time to 1865 to solve a murder mystery in the workhouse where one of the inmates had been 'murdered'. There were four suspects and we spent the day helping Detective Lightfoot solving the case.  It was great fun and everybody said they'd love to do it again.


Spring Term Class Letter

Homework Spring 2