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Friday 24th April


Starter: practise counting in 10's. There are fun songs on youtube the children are familiar with- the singing walrus or simply search youtube for counting in 10s songs. 

Main activity: printing patterns! What can you use to print a pattern? 






Today we are segmenting (spelling) ee words. 

Dictate ee words to your child, can you write sh-ee-p? 

words to segment: sheep, tree, teeth, deep, weep, feet. 

Challenge: put the words into a sentence to write. 

 I have also attached the 'ee' workbook if this suits you and your child. 


Play an interactive phonics game on espresso or phonics play. There are lots to choose from. 




I have attached some sentence unscramble work, you don't need to print these to do this activity. 

Simply copy the sentence and ask your child to unscramble it! 


Complete the next page for Mavis the Magical cat. Link below.