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Friday 22nd May



Oral blending and segmenting:

Play a listening and drawing game together. Take it in turns to sound out a word and then the other person has to draw the item! Try the words; hat, sun, ten, pan, box.




Jack’s next door neighbour was feeling very jealous of Jack’s beanstalk. He found a tiny, fluffy, rainbow coloured seed and planted it. Draw a picture of the plant you think might have grown in his garden! Challenge yourself by adding labels to your drawing.



Play ‘Higher or lower’. How to play: Lay some number cards down in a row so you can’t see the numbers. Turn the first one over and then guess if you think the next card you turn over will be higher or lower than the first one. Turn over the card to see if you are right. Continue doing this for all the cards in the row. Start off with numbers 0 to 10 and extend to numbers to 20 if your child is confident with the game.