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Friday 17th July


Lots of people enjoy barbecues in the Summer. Draw some of the food that you might have at a barbecue and label it. 



Subtraction game- Subtraction smash

Write out the calculations below on separate pieces of paper and lay them down so you can’t see them. Get some playdough and break it up into 10 small balls. If you don’t have playdough, just use some objects. Turn over a calculation and read it then get that amount of balls of playdough and ‘smash’ or squish the amount that you need to take away. For example, 6 – 3 =,  get 6 balls of playdough (or 6 objects if you don’t have any playdough) and lay them out in a line. ‘Smash’ or squish 3 of the balls so you are taking 3 away. If you’re using objects that can’t be squished then just remove them from the line. Count how many balls  you have left that have not been squished. Talk about what you have done, 6 take away 3 equals 3.

Subtraction calculations to write out on pieces of paper:

5-3 =                                           

7- 2 =

8 – 5 =

10 – 5 =

10 – 10 =