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Deer Class 2019

Hello Deer class, we are so excited to welcome you back on Monday. We have got the classroom all set up ready for you with everything you need. 
Don’t forget that Monday and Wednesday are PE kit days. 
Mrs G will see you Monday morning ready to greet the new term. We have put some photos of the classroom below.

Mrs G, Mrs R and Mrs B

                      Welcome to Deer Class!


Deer class are the year 3 and 4 children of the school. These are the key years to embed their learning from year 2 and set the foundations for the rest of their primary school career. As with the other classes we focus on the key literacy and Maths skills in the mornings - along with developing our love of reading; then develop our understanding of other curriculum areas during the afternoons. 


Look at our Home learning gallery for all your wonderful work.

If you haven't yet sent any pictures of your work - please do over the holidays.

To check out the winners of TTRS - Click here

Scroll down to see Deer class' Summer term gallery

Our email ids are:

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Thank You

Still image for this video

Good morning Deer class.


Gosh, nearly the end of term already! It has been a very odd and unusual year for us all - not just in school but over the whole world.

I write this morning with a mix of pride and sadness - pride in the way you have all managed and adapted and worked with the home learning; and sadness at the fact we haven't had the whole school year together and some of you are moving up to Hedgehogs without the normal end of term goodbyes and good lucks.


Mrs Radhamma, Mrs Beatson and I wish you all a very happy and safe summer and we will see you all again in September!


Sending Hockham Hugs to you all,

Mrs G

And should you need anything to stave off the boredom... try making these kaleidocycles to test your cutting, sticking and patience!


Friday 17th July 2020

Good Morning my dear Deer class,

Here we are in the last week of Summer term and how lovely it is to see your Sports day video uploaded this week. Well done to you all and a great job done by Mrs Fowler, putting it all together.

This I think, will be the last message from me for this term and hopefully in the next few days, you will receive a letter from us detailing information for September. 

Do you remember in my very first message in March – I had mentioned about how I was busy with my twins that weekend sowing 200 sunflower seeds and all other seeds for this summer? Guess what, most of my sunflowers have bloomed now.  Below are some pictures of flowers grown in my garden this summer.  In the four months that we have not seen you all, my sunflowers have grown from seeds to flowers and I am sure you all have grown too.

To my Year 3s: Looking forward to seeing you all as new year 4s.

And to my Year 4s: I have thoroughly enjoyed having you in Deer class for the last two years and I know you will do super well in year 5.  Looking forward to seeing you in September too, as Hedgehogs.

Stay safe and have a wonderful Summer break! 


Mrs Radhamma

Sunflowers from this year!

Flowers bloomed this Summer in my garden

Sports day film.wmv

Still image for this video

Friday 10th July 2020


Good morning my dear Deer Class,

Hope you have had a good week and keeping well. We have had some internet issues in school and haven't managed to do our zoom calls this week.  Hope it all gets sorted by next week and I get to see year 3s and Mrs Garrod gets to see year 4s before end of school year.    

Since I last wrote to you all we've had a mini sports day within our bubble at school and I hope you had one at home too.   

I can't believe it is nearly end of year and I still see how children have been working on their times tables.  I am super proud of Kate this week who has worked so hard and earned her first times tables certificate.  Well done Kate!  Here's the video that I am super proud of this week.


Have a fabulous Friday and a good weekend!

Kate's 10 times tables

Still image for this video

Monday 6th July

Morning Deers!

We had a really exciting (eggsciting) weekend - two of our eggs have hatched and we have new chicks. They are really sweet and make gorgeous noises! We have a few more eggs that might hatch - we will have to wait and see. Lots of people are getting chickens these days - they range in sizes from tiny ones up to chickens that are the size of a labrador! Ours won't be that big thankfully.

Mrs G



(Please note - at the moment I can't access the deer1 account via laptop or desk computer so will only be able to reply to emails at breaktimes. It also means the spellings will not be emailed today - sorry!)


Friday 3rd July 2020


Good Morning Deer class,

Hope you are all well.  It was really nice for me and Mrs Garrod to be able to see all year 4s and year 3s on Zoom call, this week.

Its been wonderful to see some of your pictures of picnics from last week and vegetable lego challenge. 

Here's a lovely fact that Tomas shared this week - ' Did you know a hummingbird's heart beats 1260 times a minute and a human heart beats 80 times a minute. That means a hummingbird's heart beats 1180 times more than a human'.  I love the way how Deer class children are so inquisitive - do you remember how in September, I used to tell you that is best thing that I would like to see in children and now when I still get emails from you showing me how inquisitive you are, it makes me feel so proud of you that even though you are not in school Deer class children have shown me how much you love learning.


Hope some of you all have had a Sports day at home.  We were thinking of having Sports day today and Monday with the children who are in school.  If you have already had a family sports day at home, please do email us your pictures.  Mrs Fowler is waiting for these pictures so she can put them together and upload it on our website as a video for you to see - so we can still have our sports day celebration this year although we are at home.

Here's my favourite pic of the week.


Have a fabulous Friday and happy weekend!

Mrs Radhamma


The Final 30 Days Wild Activity

Monday 29th June

This week sees the end of June and the start of July. This also means this week is the end of the 30 Days Wild challenge. Have you done many of the activities? What has been your favourite one? I have really enjoyed each daily challenge - especially looking for the tiny creatures. We are hopefully going to have some chicks hatch this week - more tiny creatures to watch.

I hope that you will continue to spend lots of time in nature and marvel at the amazing things we have in the natural world. Maybe you could go back to the start of the 30 Days Wild cards and start over again - and see if the challenges are easier or different this time round. I have really enjoyed getting some of your photos about nature and being outside. 

Have a marvellous Monday!

Mrs G


A weekend of Wild

Friday 26th June

Good Morning Deer Class

Hope you have all had a good week. Although we have been waiting for some sunshine, I think the last couple of days has just been too hot to want to go outside.

Did you know that this week is The National Picnic Week (22nd June to 28th June): so it’s time to have fun with food.

Here’s a website link to inspire you to have fun with your family and create the ‘Perfect Picnic’ to have together at some point when the weather is favourable!


Fact for today: The picnic has been a firm favourite of Great Britain for many years. The history behind the picnic is very interesting and looking at different photos of the ‘Great British’ picnics from the past is a great way to see how they have changed over centuries. The word picnic comes from the French word ‘pique-nique’ (first documented in written form in 1692) but it was adopted here and became a favourite past time of the Victorians especially! Feel free to learn more by visiting the following websites:



Have a fabulous Friday and a lovely weekend


Mrs Radhamma

Friday's 30 Days Wild

Thursday's Wildness

Nature Quest Wednesday

Tuesday's Wild Thing...

Monday 22nd June

Good morning, Deer class - I hope you had a great weekend. 

The weather looks like it will be sunny all week so we hope you can find a moment to join in with our latest film-making project.  Although we won't be able to have sports day as normal, we wanted to join our school and home communities together in a kind of virtual event and are asking that you take a picture of yourselves doing sport at home.  It can be serious or funny and, if you don't normally have your picture on the website, maybe you could be in disguise or photographed from behind!  Choose any sport you like - running, jumping, throwing, catching, egg and spoon, obstacle...

There is a parents event too so mums and dads could also send in a picture and there will be a teachers 'race' this year so we will all be joining in. I have added this as part of your PE work this week on the weekly sheet and a letter will be emailed out later today with more details.

When we have your photos, Mrs Fowler will pop them in a sports day film and we can celebrate summer together.

Please send any entries to the normal email account. Meanwhile, we'll be doing the same with the Bubbles!

We are really looking forward to seeing your entries - be as silly or sensible as you like!



Well done to all of you sending work or Nature Quest activities in - it does make us smile a lot to see all your hard work as well as your fun activities. 

Have a Marvellous Monday (and don't forget your suncream and hats this week!)

Mrs G




Monday's Wild Activity....

A Wild Weekend

Friday 19th June


Good Morning Deer Class,

I can’t believe that it’s another week gone by with mixed weather of sunshine and rain.  I bet the plants and trees were really pleased to have that rain after all the sunshine it has had. 

I hope you all had a lovely week and weekend and have been doing the Wild activity each day.  We spent a lot of our time last weekend gardening and went for a nice long drive – it was the first time my twins got into car since lockdown started (20th March).  It was lovely to see all the fields – we spotted a field of poppy flowers which looked absolutely beautiful, a big patch of red in amongst the green field.

Things that I really enjoyed receiving this week were emails from Tomas, Archie, Jemima, Isobel and Patrick.  It just showed me how inquisitive you have all been at home, wanting to learn and find new things.  Tomas has been exploring Maths and what cool things can happen to numbers with arithmetic calculations done to it.  Here’s what Tomas found:

Multiplying numbers using only 1s will always give you an answer that is a palindrome.

11x11= 121
11111 x 11111 = 123454321
111111111 x 111111111 = 12345678987654321

If you are not sure what a palindrome is – it is where you can read a word the same backwards eg: mum, dad, noon, Anna…

Here’s another fact for you:  Do you know what the longest palindromic word in English is?    Answer:  Malayalam (it is one of the South Indian languages and is the language that I speak at home).

Archie and Jemima have been growing their own vegetable patch and how wonderful it is to see that you can have your own home grown vegetables seeing the whole process of its life cycle. 

Isobel has been researching Leonardo Di Vinci and made an artist fact file as she loves researching.

To see what Patrick has been up to watch his science experiment video below.


Have a Fabulous Friday and a lovely weekend!

Mrs Radhamma


PS:  A super well done to all children who have been playing on TTRS.

Patrick's Science Experiment

Still image for this video

Friday's 30 Days Wild

Thursday 18th June

Wednesday 17th June

Tuesday 16th June

Monday 15th June

Good morning Deers! Welcome to another week on planet Earth. I hope you all had a lovely weekend and spent lots of time outdoors. We went on walks, gardened, farmed and did lots of nature spotting. 

We have some deer on the farm and I wanted to try and catch them on camera. I needed to set the camera trap up in a field but there isn't anything to attach it to in the middle of the field. I had a think and then made a tripod using sticks and garden string. It's a bit rustic but it works and I have set it in the field to see if I can get any deer photos. 

I also got up early Saturday and went to see if I could find the Eurasian Cranes (also called common crane) which we can hear behind our house. I managed to find them eventually and get some photos. It was very exciting to finally find them. They have a very loud call which can be heard from about a mile away. 

Today's 30 Days Wild activity is to whistle using grass. You will have heard me doing this when we go to the woods - it is nearly as loud as the Crane call. It takes a bit of practise and you need to get the right length and width of grass. But it is so cool when you manage it. 

Have a Marvellous Monday!  Mrs G


Weekend wildness!

Happy weekend Deers. I have put the two days of 30 Days Wild below; along with a link to the Wildlife Trust live webcams. You can choose from badgers, barn owls, bats, ospreys, peregrine falcons, puffins and more. Which will you choose? I really like the badgers and even follow a badger called Tinkerbell on social media laugh

Whatever you choose to do this weekend - try and get some nature time in. 

Mrs G 

Friday 12th June

Good morning my dear Deer class,

Hope you have all had a good week so far.  It has been lovely to see all your wonderful inventions that you have sent in - wished we could make all these inventions come true.  One of the inventions from the Pavey family is a plait-o-matic. How wonderful it would be if a machine can sort out our hair in the morning, before going to school! 

Once again a super well done to all children playing on TTRS and Jemima who has sent her video of mastering 7 times tables.  Keep up the good work children!!

Did you know- that it was the World Oceans day on the 8th June and there are some wonderful activities that you could enjoy doing with your parents on this link.

Have a fabulous Friday and good weekend!

Mrs Radhamma

PS: I wonder what today's Wild activity is going to be.

Friday's 30 Days Wild (and a cute nature frame idea!)

Thursday 11th June

Today is a "Feed the Birds" day. One of my favourite films is Mary Poppins and I love the song "Feed the Birds" from it. Today's 30 Days Wild activity is to create some bird seed and put it out for them. There are lots of ways to do this and I have linked some below.

Have a Thrilling Thursday Deers!


Mrs G and Mrs R

Wednesday 10th June

Morning Deer class. 

Mrs Radhamma and I have a question for you this morning. In the picture below are some weird red growths on a leaf in the school grounds. What are they? What could they be? Can you come up with a logical answer and a fantasmagorical answer? How far fetched can you be?

I have also added the daily 30 Days Wild activity for you today - to read a wild book outside. Yesterday afternoon I read some of The Enchanted Wood outside under a tree. 

Have a wonderful Wednesday,

Mrs G and Mrs R

Tuesday 9th June

Welcome to terrific Tuesday Deer class! 

I had to do some work in the school orchard yesterday as one of the plum trees had a branch that got damaged and needed to be cut back. I spent about half an hour in the area, watching the chickens and their new chicks, looking at the fruit trees and the little apples and pears starting to grow. I looked in the pond at the yellow and green flag irises. I spent some time looking at the way all the hedging has grown and become unruly. What a lot of work we have to do when the autumn comes along. It seems like such a long way off at the moment but I must start planning. I would like to plant a new tree in the autumn to replace the plum which is damaged - what tree would you like to see in our little orchard? 

I also looked at the flowers in there and there are lots I don't know the names of. Today's Nature Quest 30 days wild task is all about wildflowers. Have a go and ping me any photos!

Mrs G

Monday 8th June


"Whatever you love to read, remember it can never be too silly!" (Paul O'Grady)


Summer Reading Challenge - This year the Reading Agency have launched their summer reading challenge slightly early and this year the challenge will be a digital one. Meet the Silly Squad!




Below is a letter to give you more details about how you can take part, as well as join in with games, quizzes and downloadable activities. 


Monday 8th June

Morning awesome Deers!

I hope you can all remember our chant "I am awesome, you are awesome, we are AWESOME!" Have you done this at home with your family? 

I managed to get out walking over the weekend and got some lovely nature photos (see below) and today's Nature Quest 30 days wild task is to take a photo of something in nature which is blue. I'm not sure we will see blue sky though. Mrs R and I have uploaded your home learning for the week and Mrs Dobbin has linked the summer reading challenge above this message. 

Have a marvellous Monday!  Mrs G 

Saturday 6th and Sunday 7th June

 Wait what? Mrs Garrod is posting at the weekend? 

As we are doing the 30 Days Wild - I thought I would add the weekend activities for anyone who wishes to have a go. Today's is meant to be outside and it's a bit on the rainy side so I have added two days of activities plus some extra ones which can be done inside.

Mrs Hall put on her page yesterday that the French for rain is "il pleut!" but did you know that we use the french word to create an English one "Pluviophile" which means someone who loves the rain? I love the rain and will be outside in it at some point today, feeling it on my face and hands, trying to catch a raindrop on my tongue and then heading inside to dry off. I also love splashing in puddles - which makes people laugh when they see me outside my house splashing.

Have a lovely weekend! Mrs G

Friday 5th June

Good Morning Deers,

Nice to see some of your pictures and work sent.  Looks like you have been working hard – definitely some beautiful handwriting and good work in Science too.  Did you thread a daisy chain from yesterday’s wild activity? We did some in our house too with my twins.


If you have planned/planning your family garden sports day, here’s something to think about to give with it…

Did you know - many sports people listen to music before they compete to get them focused and motivated.  Christiano Ronaldo listens to Phil Collins before kick-off. Usain Bolt enjoys a mix of hip hop and reggae, The Canadian Women’s rugby team listen to ‘Hey Brother’ by Avicii in their dressing room before every game. 

I have a playlist that I enjoy listening to when  I go running and I am sure some of your parents who enjoy running might be listening to their favourite music.

Can you create a family playlist of songs that would focus and motivate your family for your garden sports day?

Have a fantastic Friday and enjoy your weekend!

Mrs Radhamma

PS:  A big well done to year 3s who have won the TTRS this week.  Really impressed with your determination especially when Tomas, Archie, Ruby, Isobel Mollie and Maisie haven't been letting year 3s win at all since lock down.  Check out TTRS tournament results each week.



Friday 5th June - 30 Days Wild

Well done to those who had a go at the daisy chains yesterday. I will add photos of those and the one I made to the Wild Gallery - as well as a leaf rabbit Tomas made.

Today's activity is an indoor activity to create a showcase of nature on a table - a bit like a mini museum. If you wanted to you could label the exhibits too (I will add some label templates) or add some notes - like Charles Darwin would have done. Have fun!

Mrs G

Thursday 4th June

Good Morning children,

As it is Summer 2nd half term, I was thinking of all the wonderful activities we do at school during this half term and thought of our Sports day.

Here’s a whole family task for you to do if you wish to – Plan and host a family sports day in your garden. Try and include all the traditional races and activities: egg and spoon, relay, obstacle course, skipping, running and target throwing. Maybe invent your own family races too! You could create a circuit of activities and keep score.

 When you’ve finished your family sports day, why not try writing a Newspaper report – Family Garden Sports Day News - let your friends know how it went by writing a news report. You may want to take some photographs during your sports day to add to your report. If you would like to share your work, email it to us.

Have a good day!

Mrs Radhamma

PS: With the weather having changed, maybe just plan all the sports day activities and enjoy it next week. 

30 Days Wild Activity - Thursday 4th June - from Mrs G

Wednesday 3rd June

Good Morning Deers,

Hope you have all had a lovely half term break.

June is here and spring turns into summer. We are allowed outside for more exercise so it’s time to appreciate The Great Outdoors. With such wonderful weather we have been busy in the half term break with lots of outdoor activities – cycling, running (my twins did their 1st 5k run this half term) and enjoying our garden.

Here’s a whole family task to do if you wish to:

Clambering through the overgrown trees and bushes, you come across a set of tall glistening gates. You put your hand into your pocket and pull out the heavy iron key you found hidden in some rocks. Could it be?...

You carefully place the key inside the lock and turn…


Buzzing with excitement, you push the heavy gates and with a loud creak they slowly open.

You step through the gates and gasp at the view of your secret garden…


The Royal Horticultural Society is running a Design a Secret Garden competition based on the classic story of The Secret Garden. Further details and an entry form can be found at:

This competition was due to close at the end of April when the film adaptation of the book was to be released. However, the film release date has now been moved and deadline for entries has been extended, so let your imagination run wild and design your own secret garden! At the time of writing, no closing date has been given so please check on the website before starting or submitting any entries.

The winning design will have a chance to see their garden, or elements of it, brought to life in school or the community. The winners and runners up will also win an exclusive movie goody bag.

Unfortunately, we cannot collate any entries at school under the current circumstances so please send your entry directly to the competition organisers, details on the bottom of the entry form.

Good luck.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!


Mrs Radhamma

PS: Have you been doing Mrs Garrod’s 30 Days Wild activities? Can’t wait to see what today’s is going to be!

Wednesday 3rd June

Thanks Mrs Radhamma - today's 30 Days Wild activity is to look for a creepy crawley, a minibeast or bug. Obviously I want you to be gentle with these tiny, fragile creatures and remember to be careful to return them to where you found them. Look at their legs; the way they move; the way their body differs from your own; do they have a way to protect themselves (curling up, smelling awful...). I have some photos of some ladybird lavae I will put up on the Nature Quest page.

(Today is also a good day to look at the clouds like yesterday's activity suggested)

Mrs G 

Tuesday 2nd June

Good morning Deers. Yet another beautiful day (definitely suncream and a hat type of day!)

Did you try the squelchy feet activity yesterday for 30 Days Wild. I have put 2 photos on the Wild Child gallery. My chickens were most interested in my toes yesterday surprise

Today's activity involves clouds - not sure we will have many of those today.

Have a terrific Tuesday.

Mrs G

Monday 1st June

Good morning Deers!

I can't believe we are in June already. This month I am uploading new daily Wild Activities for you to try. Make sure you check the Nature Quest page daily. We have such lovely weather at the moment and I can hear the birds singing although I am inside. 

Today's Wild Activity is to feel with your feet.


Mrs G

Friday 22nd May


Good Morning Deers, 

Just can't believe it's the end of the first half term of Summer. 

Looking at the home learning gallery, videos, TTRS tournaments and times tables certificates earned just reflects the amount of work you have done this half term. 

I was just thinking last night how we had your parents coming in to Deer class to see your Greek philosopher's song and your work at the end of Spring first half term and how this half term it’s been you sending pictures of all your work done with your parents. It must have been wonderful to take your parents through this journey but I just want to say how much I have missed you.

Not sure how many of you all managed to join 'Draw with Rob' session yesterday but Olivia B and Jemima definitely participated and have sent me their pictures too. I didn't get a chance to participate as I was working but my twins did. So here are the pictures drawn by Olivia, Jemima and my twins. If you had participated and would like your pictures to be shared, do email them to me. 

And here's our first book recommendation by Isobel! 


Have a fabulous Friday and a relaxing half term. We shall write to you after half term holidays. 

Mrs Radhamma 

Thursday 21st May


Good morning Deer class, 

Another wonderful day to enjoy the sunshine!  Hope you all have been enjoying the sunshine and doing things outside too, along with all the fabulous work you have been sending us.

Yesterday evening as we were watering the plants in our garden , my twins were trying to tell me a story about a lion that they read during the day while I was working and then together they both said that they are not scared of lions. So I said that's brave but asked them why they weren't scared of lions and their answer was lions only eat meat and human beings don't need to be scared of them. Eventually they were shocked after a long conversation on how humans are made of flesh, meat and bones.

What was really interesting though were the questions that followed this conversation - they really wanted to know what are plants made of? Not the parts of a plant but what's inside a plant?


I'm sure my Deer class children will be asking all sorts of how and why questions to your parents.  There might be times you get an answer and sometimes not a definite answer but don't ever stop asking questions. More questions makes you curious and that curiosity will give you the knowledge that you can keep building on.


Don't forget to send your book recommendations for others and have a fabulous thinking Thursday!



Mrs Radhamma 


PS:  You know how much we love sketching in our house.  Well, Mrs Ambrose mentioned about Drawing with Rob and how her children have been enjoying this - learning to draw following instructions. 

Today is a world record attempt with Rob who is trying to get over 10,000 people to actively take part in an art lesson. I will be taking part with my children at 4pm today. If you fancy joining in too and possibly helping to break a world record, here is the information you need to know


Here are some pics of what my twins drew last week.

Wednesday 20th May


Good morning Deers,

Hope you have had a good start to the week.  The weather definitely has been gorgeous this week to be doing lots of outdoor things.  We have started planting all our sunflower seedlings and vegetate plants, looking for mini-beasts under a microscope and going on bike rides with the twins. 

My twins are into spy kids and Rassu has started reading Secret Seven.  Have you read this book? If you haven't yet read it, ask your parents about it. I'm sure most of your parents might have read this book as a child. Famous five and secret seven are really good set of books to read. 

I remember reading this as a child and as my twins are into spy kids, Rassu chose to read this book and guess what... They have formed a secret spy club at home and have included me in their team too.  This weekend has been about making code breakers and trying to learn spy tricks.  For their birthday, they wanted a spy kit and one particular toy in it is my absolute favourite - is a spy glass that when you wear it, you not only can see things in front of you but also can see things behind you.  How cool is that? 

So coming back to books, what books have you enjoyed reading in this period? Which one is your favourite and why? If you have read a book that you really liked and would like to recommend it to your friends, could you write a book review and send it to us so we can put that on our web page to inspire others to read. 

Keep reading and enjoy reading as "Reading is your window to a new world" 

Have a wonderful Wednesday! 

Mrs Radhamma. 


Tuesday 19th May

Good morning Deers!

I was out yesterday evening walking the hound when I heard a cuckoo in the field behind our house. I have never heard one before so I was very excited about it. Then, having heard one, I heard a second calling back to it. The other trustees of the woods tell me they have heard cuckoos in the wood the school use - I can't wait to get back there with you all and have a proper day down there with a campfire and marshmallows. That's something to look forward to. 

Have a terrific Tuesday!

Monday 18th May

Good morning Deers. I stood outside and chanted "I am awesome, you are awesome, we are AWESOME!" this morning. Always a good way to start the day.

We had a busy weekend with lots of walking, cycling and gardening. We found some awesome trees to climb. I have always liked climbing trees and have some trees from my childhood which I still climb. Although I always find it easier to climb a tree than to get down again. The boys have also learned how to fix a puncture on a bicycle - which will be a useful skill for the future. Have you learned any new skills over the last few weeks? What skill would you like to learn? 

Have a marvellous Monday!

Somewhere Over The Rainbow: The Squirrelettes

Still image for this video

For this morning's message, please play the video below. Mrs G, Mrs R and Mrs B

Still image for this video

Friday 15th May


Good Morning Deers,


I have had a great day yesterday receiving so many emails from children with their guesses to our Maths puzzle.  Most of you all were so close and considering how difficult this puzzle was – both me and Mrs Garrod didn’t get it in the first attempt either.  Well done to Callum who got it spot on!

So the answer to the puzzle is (drumroll please …………………… 51)

Here’s a link to see how it is 51


My daughter and I were thinking about how each day is a something day and then found out that today is International Family Day! It is on the 15th May every year and is a day to spend time with your family.  You can set up activities for your family like board games, singing competitions and more.  What would you do to make it special for your family? 

We’ve just found out in the last few weeks that Rassu(one of my twin) absolutely loves football and Gucci(other twin) loves art.  So I can see our evening going to be filled with football, art, playing cards and popcorn + movie night.


It also made me think although we’ve all been at home together for the past few weeks, this year would be the first time where all families are at home together around the world.  So why not make the most of it!

Happy International Family day and have a good weekend!



Mrs Radhamma


Thursday 14th May


Good Morning Deers,


Hope you have had a good week so far.

I was reading Mrs Garrod's message from Tuesday and brought back memories of making kites with my friends and trying to fly it as a child. We often flew it from our terrace, had competitions to see whose kite was well decorated and whose flew the highest and then trying to rescue our kites if they got tangled.  

Yesterday was the National Numeracy day in UK.

National Numeracy Day is a celebration of numbers and how we use them in everyday life.  It is also about helping everyone in the UK to build the confidence and skills they need to use numbers well. Numbers play a big part in all our lives and yet many adults say that they’re not numbers people.

Luckily at Hockham both our parents and children are always positive about Maths and love Maths. 

Thinking about Numbers and Maths …

Here’s a link for your parents to have a look at if they are interested..

And here's a challenge for you to do either by yourself or with your parents. Email me what you think the answer is and I shall tell you the answer tomorrow morning.

Have a good day!!

Mrs Radhamma

Wednesday 13th May 

Good morning Deers


Today our morning message comes from you, the youngest members of our school family. 

It is not too late to send us your photographs and drawings. This message can continue to grow each week so do email us. 


Have a lovely day, We miss you all lots.

Mrs Radhamma, Mrs Garrod and Mrs Beatson

Tuesday 12th May

Welcome to a Terrific Tuesday Deers!

It is nice to see the weather is sunny again and the wind has dropped so we can walk in the woods safely again. In our household, we made the most of the windy weather yesterday and went out to fly our kites - just like in Mary Poppins!  Flying kites, however, isn't as easy as it looks. It can be really frustrating when you launch your kite up on a gust of wind only to watch it plummet to the ground 2 seconds later. It takes a lot of perseverance and hard work (much like schoolwork!) to make sure you get it right.

When it finally catches the wind, it is an amazing thing to watch and makes me wish I could fly too.

Did you know you can make a kite with two straight(ish) sticks, a bin bag and a bit of sticky tape?

Have a great day.


Monday 11th May

Good morning Deers! The weather has definitely changed over the weekend. I hope you all had a good long weekend. I saw the Red Arrows fly over on Friday and my brother took a video of them 17 minutes later in central London where he works! I have put it below in case you missed them.

I also spent a lot of time outside - on our daily walks and in our garden. I took a few photos of the woods down the track from us and some of the dew on a dandelion seed-head and a spider's web. They look like crystal.  On Sunday I was on our farm - helping to tidy an area up and we found some rubbish which had been dumped... I was really angry to begin with, until I realised that the bottles I had found were actually really old and not dumped anytime in the last 60 years. There were some fascinating ones in there - including Bovril bottles from the 1930s, a lemonade bottle from sometime before 1960 and a ginger beer bottle with a Norwich Brewer name in the glass at the bottom. My favourite find was a tiny phial for perfume which has been painted with red, white and blue lines. It is so delicate, it is a miracle it survived. It was like finding a time capsule hidden away. 

What would you put in a time capsule now if you could? What would you write for the future generations to find?

Have a Marvellous Monday Deers smiley

Mrs G

Red Arrows over London

Still image for this video

Friday 8th May

Watch out in the skies around 9.50-9.55 am today (May 8th) as the famous Red Arrows make a trip across Breckland on their way to London for VE day celebrations Party popperFlag of United Kingdom

You can see the route by visiting

Thursday 7th May

Good morning children,

What a super bunch of artists you are! We are loving your rainbow pictures and seeing the preparations you are making to celebrate VE Day with your families tomorrow.  Tomorrow is the 75th Anniversary of VE day. Do you know what VE day is? VE day is the day we celebrate the end of the Second World War in Europe.


Banham zoo are also inviting you to show your artistic skills off. To help them continue to fund the money needed to care for their animals they have set an exciting competition that could win you a free trip for you and your class to the zoo. Plus every child in your class will get a t shirt with your artwork on. It costs £1 to enter and all you need to do is choose an animal on the entry form to colour, along with a border design of your choice. How wonderful would it be to have a free day at the zoo once we return to school! Good luck!

Below are the entry form and further details of the art competition.

As we have been talking about art today, my choice of pic is someone who has shown great artistic skills this term. What an amazing fish, Archie!!

Have a Terrific Thursday and enjoy the long weekend!

Mrs Radhamma

Wednesday 6th May

Good morning,

Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages about the Somewhere Over the Rainbow video.  I am now looking forward to seeing the video with all your work in too.

I am super impressed this week with the score on TTRS. What an amazing score it is!  I have never seen any class score this high since we have bought into TTRS - 8150 by year 4s.  What has been even more impressive is to see so many children have challenged their teachers and other children on Rockslams (TTRS).  Great work going on with times tables and guess what, I can't believe that Olivia and Jemima are getting a lot of times tables certificates staying at home. Check out this link to see all the wonderful Maths done by you all.

At home we have been exploring some of these wonderful Science experiments that you can do at home.  See if you can do any of these with your siblings/parents.

My choice of pic today is this! Can you guess who in Deer class could have done this! Here's a clue - a year 4 boy, someone who loves lego, building car models...

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Mrs R


Tuesday 5th May

Good morning,

Thank you so much for all of your lovely messages about the Somewhere Over the Rainbow video. We're glad you enjoyed watching it as much as we enjoyed making it for you, the amazing children in our school family. 

If you would like to take part in a video here's what you need to do:


Do some fabulous art work of either rainbows, rabbits, owls, deer, hedgehogs or squirrels (no words please, just pictures).

Take a photo of you holding your art work, just like the adults have in our video.

Or if you don't want to be in the video, just take a photo of your art work.

Email your photos to us by Monday 11th May.

Make some popcorn and wait for the premiere to be announced!


Have fun,

Mrs Garrod

Friday 1st May

Good Morning Everyone,

It’s Friday and it is 1st May.  Can you believe it that we are already into the 5th month of this year! Our May Day bank holiday which is usually the first Monday in the month of May is next Friday.  In a lot of countries May Day is celebrated today!  Do you know the significance of May Day or why it has been moved to the 8th May this year in the UK?  That could be the question of the day to find out more with your parents.

One of the best things that I have heard from a lot of people and from all ages – not just children is how they have a lot of time in hand while we are in lockdown to learn a new skill.  Looking at the home learning gallery, I see Jack from Owl class has learnt to ride his bike and Mrs Ambrose and her daughter has been learning a new skill –felting.  All my nephews and nieces who have been busy in their education and didn’t have time for anything else have now got into cooking and baking and I get sent pictures of all the yummy food that they have been making.  In our house, my girls have started learning Bharatanatyam an Indian classical dance which they have been asking me to teach them for months.

My picture of the day is going to be Callum playing piano.  Callum has been updating us in the last few weeks as to how he has been learning to play the piano and how far he has come on.  If you have learnt a new skill in the last 5 weeks – it doesn’t have to be anything big – send us a picture of you doing it or with it and I can make a collection of skills learnt during lockdown on our class page!

Have a fabulous Friday and a happy weekend!

Mrs Radhamma

Thursday 30th April 

Good Morning Deers,

My morning message today is about the little things you can do to cheer yourself and others up. 

Going for walks, looking at all the rainbow pictures in our street, listening to birds sing and observing mini-beasts in our garden for a span of time are the things around here that has cheered me up.  My twins on the other hand have created a beautiful den under the staircase and what makes them most happy is when I spend time with them in their den reading a story to them. I shall tell you a secret - I absolutely enjoy reading to them in there. Things from school that has cheered me up are your pictures and videos that you have been sending in. Today's pick of my picture/video collection that has cheered me up is ... Isobel's jokes book

Have a cheerful Thursday 

Mrs R

Isobel's Joke book

Still image for this video

Wednesday 29th April

Good Morning Deers,

Hope you've had a good weekend and a good start to the week. These Hello messages have definitely cheered me up and has been lovely to see you all.

We had a really good weekend as it was my twins' birthday. Although they were a bit upset at the start of the month that they wouldn't be able to see their friends on their birthday, it turned out to be a really good day as we had a zoom party(thanks to technology) with all their class friends where we managed to play scavenger hunt and Bingo!  

If you all haven't seen each other, it is something that you could ask your parents to organise where you could all see each other and talk.  All parents from my twin's class are on a WhatsApp group chat where we send a zoom link and who ever are free at that time meet up online - both children and parents.  Remember to do this with your parents and to stay safe online!!

My picture today is going to be Tomas' story.  What a thoughtful story and I wished it came true!

Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Mrs R

Tomas' Story

Tuesday 28th April

Good morning Deers!

It looks like being quite a wet Tuesday today - my garden plants will be pleased with the rain though. I watched the news yesterday and the daily briefing from Downing Street. They are taking questions from the public and I wondered what would you children ask the Prime Minister if you could? I also wondered what you would ask myself, Mrs Radhamma or Mrs Beatson whilst we are home learning?

I would ask you if you have learned Three Little Birds from the music site yet? I had some lovely singing sent to me yesterday and you know how much I love singing. Have a good day Deers heart

Monday 27th April

Good morning Deers!

George and I found ourselves missing our friends yesterday and wondering how everyone was. It's quite hard to not see friends and catch up. So today - I would really like it if you could write a hello to one (or more) of your friends. It could be a simple "HELLO" on a piece of paper and a photo of you holding it; or a video of you saying hello to your classmates. I will put them up on here tomorrow morning so we can see our friends. Just because you can't see them, doesn't mean they aren't still friends heart

Friday 24th April 2020

Good Morning Everyone,

My morning message today is about Olivia’s determination. Olivia definitely wants to be a Maths Ambassador when we come back and has decided to work on each of her times tables while she is at home.  So here’s how she achieved her 12 times tables certificate this week. 

I was really impressed with Olivia’s video to see how she got her mum to test her on her 12 times tables and wanted to know if she has earned a certificate for 12, by sending me this video. 

Well done to all children who have been playing on TTRS and Purple Mash this week. Keep going - can’t wait to see who the winners of this week will be.  Don’t forget to check the winner’s details each week.  I have been uploading it on the link below so that when we come back, they can get their reward.

Have a good day and enjoy your weekend with your family!

Video (7).MOV

Still image for this video

Thursday 23rd April 2020

Good Morning children,

My message today is to remind children that learning is not all about doing things on paper. I am going to share something that Jemima found this week when working with her dad. 

Jemima (and Dexter) spotted a snail in their garden one afternoon and they decided to record how fast it was travelling!   They marked where it started from, set a timer for 5 minutes and marked where it ended up. 

They found that by measuring how far it had travelled in that time, they could work out how fast (or slow maybe!) it was travelling... Jemima learnt that... 

Speed =  Distance ÷ Time


I am sure you all are doing some fantastic work at home along with the Maths and English tasks. Thank you to all those children who have been sending in their wonderful work that they have been doing at home.  Do share any learning or things that have made you feel proud of yourself too!! 

Don’t forget to check out Archie’s art work and T-shirt designed by Freya too, on our gallery!! 

Have a good day!

Mrs Radhamma


Wednesday 22nd April

Good Morning Children,

It is a bit unusual that we all still working from home but the good thing is it is Summer term and more exciting things to look forward to.

Hope you all are safe and well and had a good Easter Break.    

In our house, we celebrated our New Year festival called ‘Vishu’ on the 14th April – bit different this year not having friends and family around.   I had mentioned this in one of my morning message before Easter holidays.  Did anyone get to research and find out more about the festival?

Here’s a little description of the festival

Vishu symbolises the beginning of the Spring season.  Vishu, a Hindu festival, is celebrated in Kerala(a southern state) as the harvest festival and the astrological New Year of the Malalyalis(People from the state of Kerala, who speak Malaylam).

The Story behhnd Vishu Faith:

As per the religious faith of the people, on the previous night of the Vishu festival a ‘Vishu kani’ is set in the prayer room or worship area of the house before the idol of Lord Vishnu/Lord Krishna by the eldest lady of the house.  Vishu kani is regarded as the symbol of good luck and prosperity by all Hindu Malayalis. In Malyalam Kani means ‘which is viewed first’ therefore, the term ’Vishu Kani’ means the first thing to be seen at dawn or the early hours of the day.  They believe this would bring them prosperity throughout the New Year.

The Vishu Kani consists of a sacred ceremonial preparation of all auspicious items considered to be the omen of good luck and prosperity.  These items include fruits, vegetables, rice and lentils that gives us energy and keeps us healthy; yellow flowers as yellow is considered a lucky colour; mirror to see yourself in it; new material and coins or currency notes to keep you protected through the year.  All these items are collected in a  bell shaped vessel made of metal which in Malayalam is called ‘Uruli’.  A metal lamp is also lighted and placed together with the Vishu kani before the deity.

On the day of Vishu, as per the traditional belief of the people all the members of the family have to wake up early in the morning by dawn with closed eyes and go to the worship area of the house, to get the first sight of the Vishu kani as it would bring them good luck throughout the year.  Therefore, the Vishu kani is arranged with great care and precision to create a positive picture.

Here’s a picture of our ‘Vishu Kani’

Mrs Radhamma

Tuesday 21st April

Still image for this video
Good morning!

Monday 20th April

Good morning Deer class. I hope you and your families have had a lovely time over Easter. We have enjoyed the sunny weather and been outside lots. I have been really excited to see my seedlings grow and get bigger, I have to plant my potatoes this week. Are any of you growing vegetables?

We have a training day today for the teachers. From tomorrow, we will be posting work every day on this page and the Coronavirus support page so make sure you check each day.

Mrs Dobbin has challenged her class to make something amazing using a toilet roll tube - I wonder if Deer class can too? I've added some photos to help you think of ideas but you can have a look on the internet to help too.

Mrs Garrod

Check out the winners of this week's TTRS competition - Treats await when we come back. 

Winner of this week's competition are year 4s again with a score of 1116(the top three scorers are Tomas, Isobel and Mollie!  Well done to Maisie who participated too!!) 

Year 3s score is 731 - the top three scorers are Freya, Olivia B and Thomas!  Well done to Zachary, Daniel, Charlie S and Charlie B for participating!) 

Hedgehog's winner of this week are Year 6 with a score of 748 and just 3 participating children – Bella J, Sophie and Layla. Year 5s score is 629 - top three scorers are Max J, Mason, Owen!  Well done to George and Sofia who played too!

Thursday 2nd April

As it is last day of the term, all three adults from Deer class wanted to add a message to you.


It definitely has been a Science/ enquiry week in our house – with lots of questions being asked by my twins.  My children couldn’t believe that henna/mehendi didn’t come in cones when I was little and we used to grind this plant’s leaf to a paste and then used this to make lovely patterns on our hands.  This then led to more questions on how rubbers/pencils are made?

Here’s a little challenge for you today - observe objects in your house and ask yourself – if you know how these objects are made and what they are made of?  And if you’re not sure, then do a little research on this.  You will be amazed with what you find.

Can you guess what the second and third picture is?

Wishing you and your family a Happy Easter!!

Mrs R

Message from Mrs Beatson: 

Hello to all children; thinking of you all and wants you to be happy and enjoy time with family.  Happy Easter!!

Thoughtful Thursday in our house today as we think about what to do over the weekend and Easter holiday. We have lots of seedlings which need putting outside to harden off (get used to outside weather) and digging over the veg plot. We always have an Easter Tree up - usually branches of birch or hazel which we hang painted eggs on. My grandmother’s family did this in Austria every Easter and it is a family tradition.  I will be adding ideas to the Nature Quest page over the next few days so make sure you check it out. 

Mrs G 


Wonderful Wednesday 1st April 

Good Morning Deers,

Hope you've had a good weekend and a good week so far. 

It is that time of the year, when we talk about new beginning, Spring and lots of festivals in different cultures which is also related to having a new beginning.  One of the things that we did in our house over the weekend was to reflect back and think about all the things that we are thankful/ sorry /have prayers for.   Here’s a little task that you might enjoy doing with your family.

New beginning

Hindus celebrate a festival called Vishu – which is on the 14th April and is a festival of new beginning.   See if you can find out a bit more about this festival and when we come back from our holidays, I shall tell you what we did on the 14th April in our house.

Happy Easter to you and your family!!

Mrs R

Terrific Tuesday 31st March

Good morning - it looks like it will be a wonderfully sunny Tuesday. I hope you have all been out singing "I am awake" this morning - Hector and I have again.

I have spent time over the last week planting seeds and my seedlings have started to come up. I have planted lots of flowers as well as some vegetable seeds too. Have you been planting seeds - I have had some photos from Eleanor of seeds she and her brother have planted. If you can sow some seeds it would be interesting to see how long they take to grow - my seeds came up within 5 days.

Check out the home learning gallery and the Nature Quest page for some new photos today.


Musical Monday 30th March

Still image for this video
Join in with Mrs Garrod and Hector and our morning song!
Today Deer class will get an email with login details for the music website. Please have a go at the first lesson today and I will add more tomorrow.

Friday 27th March

Good evening Deer class,

Just checked TTRS and the winner of this week's competition are year 4s with a score of 2010(the top three scorers are Tomas, Maisie and Isobel !  Well done Oli and Olivia too who participated!!) 

Year 3s score is 1311 - the top three scorers are Jemima, Thomas and Eleanor!  Well done Daniel, Callum, Olivia and Charlie B for participating!)  Treats await when we come back. 


Hedgehog's winner of this week are Year 5 with a score of 1008 and just 2 participating children - Rachel and Mason. Year 6s score is 999 - top three scorers are Freya, Lacey and Sophie.  Well done girls!!


Thank you for sending all your wonderful work that we have now shared on home learning gallery.

Have a wonderful weekend - Look out for the new tournament starting Monday!!

Friday 27th March


Good Morning Deer class

Can’t believe it is Friday already.  Just looking at our home learning gallery – excellent pieces of work.

Year 4s back on the lead in TTRS – well done Tomas, Maisie and Isobel! Not far though year 3s – keep going (well done – Jemima, Thomas, Eleanor, Daniel, Callum and Olivia).  In Hedgehog’s competition – year 6s on the lead(well done Lacey, Freya and Sophie) and well done Rachel in year 5s who seems to be the only child competing

Mrs Fowler has emailed all parents with username and password to Discovery Education- where you can get on to Espresso Coding and you can carry on with the unit that we made a start with.

We haven’t had many pictures of your work from you Deer – would love to see what you have been up to. It definitely seems an arty week in our house.  This is what my girls have been up to.

Also - Chester Zoo is having a virtual open day today where you can 'visit' their animals. Here is the schedule:

10:00 👉 Red pandas 🐼

11:00 👉 Rothschild's giraffes 🦒

12:00 👉 Asian elephants 🐘

13:00 👉 Butterflies 🦋

14:00 👉 Sun bears 🐻

14:30 👉 Sumatran tigers 🐅

14:45 👉 Humboldt penguins 🐧

16:00 👉 Aquarium* 🐠


(*Running order may be subject to ever so slight changes... and there may be more surprises throughout the day!)  

Here is the link


Edinburgh Zoo has also set up web cams so you can see some of the animals.


Thursday 26th March


Good morning Deer class,

Hope you have had a wonderful Wednesday and looking forward to what Thursday brings.  Thank you to children who have been emailing a picture of their work to us.    I have been looking at TTRS and although it was only Isobel who was playing on it, until 11am yesterday – currently year 3s are on the lead.  Keep going – the game ends at 3pm tomorrow.  

Mrs G has uploaded some wonderful nature quest activities – see if you can do some art around nature. (Remember to share so we can share your work on our school website.)

Here’s what my girls and I have been up to yesterday evening.  I am sure you can easily guess which one’s my Gucci’s – who is always different and I absolutely love her choice of colours.

Have a brilliant Thursday!!

Mrs R

Wednesday 25th March 

Good morning Deer class children,

Hope you are all well and have kept yourself busy in the last few days. I have been busy with my twins, enjoying the sunshine and sowing 200 sunflower seeds hoping that they’ll all germinate for us to plant next month. 

Enjoy the sunshine and don't forget to look at our - Week beginning 23rd March page. There are some exciting activities that you can choose to do during the week and do email us a picture of your work which I can share on our school website.

I have set a TTRS tournament between year 3 and 4 that will finish on Friday 3pm.  Waiting to see who the winner will be.

Have a wonderful Wednesday!!

Mrs R


Here's a picture of our 101 sunflowers around our house from last summer.


If your child/children are feeling well, we have attached some learning for them to do.  The section will be refreshed regularly.  Please do encourage them to do this as it is obviously important that learning continues as far as possible during this time. Thank you.

PE Sessions


Joe Wicks will be live streaming PE sessions everyday at 9 am via his YouTube Channel The Body Coach.

What a great way to start the day

Tuesday 24th March

Morning Deers,

Hopefully you are all well. This morning is wonderfully sunny and my chooks are enjoying themselves in the garden. We are about to do the PE with Joe online. 

Then we are going out into the garden to chant "I am awesome, you are awesome, we are awesome!"  

Please write a diary entry today about something awesome you have done at home. I have been doing some woodwork - a bit like the key rings we have made in school.


Have a nice Tuesday, Mrs G

Homework for Spring 2 2020

Spring term Plan for Parents